Twin Flame Signs and symptoms

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The Signs and Syncs keep appearing!

twin flame signs and symptomsTwin Flame Signs and Symptoms – One thing that is always intriguing on this wonderful journey are the signs and syncs that happen when you least expect them- remember expect the unexpected.  During our healing and growing we tend to remember more of the wonders we have enjoyed throughout our life and in particular those we have shared with our twin. Now some will say “stop living in the past!”.  There is a difference to living in the past and looking at the past, as the past does allow us to look at where we have come from – and gives us answers to where we are at today.  When we see things in our daily lives and they trigger memory there is a reason, it serves as a reminder of the gift we have today.  It is the same as a deja-vu moment, there are many times I have been to new towns and cities and can say I have been there before.  When I visit places and have this deja-vu moment, I seem to be on autopilot, I tend to walk knowing where I am going as if there is a GPS installed in my mind.

When we take the time to truly discover who we are, and reconnect with mother nature we see amazing things happening in front of our eyes, and yes they are symbols and syncs to let us know that we are not going crazy. What we see is a gift from the Universe, and now it can all make perfect sense and give us tremendous comfort, so I do urge you all to re-connect with mother nature.  Appreciate what we have in our own back yards, local parks, by the sea or anywhere that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  You will give yourself the simple reminders, you will feel so connected and this is a tonic for your soul.  If you can walk bare foot on grass, soil or sand – ground fully, release and absorb all the energy in your bodies.

twin flame signs and symptomsMany months ago, I noticed a small bee’s nest forming at the entrance to my home, right above the door..I wanted to move it into nature, so the bee’s can live freely and not be sprayed as the landlord said he would.  I don’t know how to move them safely so I decided to leave them be, and figure out what to do – today the nest is growing, the honeycomb is filling with honey, and I can see the bee’s working there magic.  They don’t hassle me and I don’t hassle them – what would you have done in this situation?  Many would have said spray it and take it away!  How important are bee’s to the vast eco system we rely on to feed us?  They are essential to our survival – without bee’s, pollination does not occur.

Bee’s also have a very strong spiritual meaning – so let us respect them, and they will respect us!  I see this as a sign, the Queen is protecting the entrance to my home – she has a small band of soldiers watching over me.  Then I take a look at a stray cat that I have been feeding for the past 6 months, I have seen her grow – she simply usually comes for food and milk, and then disappears – as if to check up on me.  It is funny she appeared around the same time as the last time I spoke with my twin.  A couple of months ago I noticed that she was pregnant, and spending more time inside our home. I did not want to be responsible for raising a bunch of kittens, so when she was fed, I would let her out and live her life, just as nature intended.

A week or so ago I noticed she was not around – so gathered she must be having her kittens – a few days later she reappeared, skinny!  Again, I feed her what we have, and she is now trying to communicate through her meowing, she is giving me affection, she wants to sit on me and be touched.  I must confess I have never really liked cats, so all of these things are unusual for me too 🙂 It is as if she too is watching over me, or has been sent for a purpose.  And yes you can say oh any stray will always return to where it is fed – true, all of us know where we are best looked after, where we have the best experiences and feelings – but I could quite easily have sent her on her way, but I chose to feed her.  It is a gift and a pleasure for me.

twin flame signs and symptomAnd just one more sync to freak me out today, and it shows that when we are in touch with nature regularly we can see things happen in front of our eyes.  My twin loves daisies because of their colours and simplicity, they grow in the wild and we can do so many wonderful things with them – I am sure you remember as a kid making daisy chains and putting them on your wrist or around your neck or in your hair (yes guys I even did too). Every now and then this spring I have seen a few daisies appear in my garden, two kept appearing next to a chair I sat in, one appeared at the front garden, next to the gateway. I always have viewed this as a small sign from my twin..well this morning I was walking in my garden as usual, and wham in my face – a collection of six daisies.  Nowhere else in the garden, 6 is significant as this is the collective number of our twin family us 2 and 4 children.  Another interesting point whilst talking about flowers, if any of you recall I mentioned a wave of camomile in my neighbours garden – he did cut it all down about a week ago much to my horror, but yesterday there is one isolated spray of camomile next to the fence between the two gardens – again nature is resilient.

The point of this message really is two fold – escape to nature and witness these wonders yourself, it is important you interact with nature, and secondly remember the syncs and signs you and your twin shared, and see how prevalent they are in your life today without them being around physically.  I know it is hard for those who have not connected physically, but there are things between you that are unique and special, try to remember what they are…and keep that mind open to seeing them.  It is time to take our heads out of the clouds, to really get our crap together and pay attention to what is going on in our own garden…when we take care of that we are growing, healing and learning.

And finally I will close by saying another interesting thing happened to me on Sunday evening – I had sent an email to my twin on Friday to wish  a pleasant weekend, and hope she feels better (as I am sure she had flu)…I was talking to a friend on Sunday evening saying “oh my twin has not replied I feel a little upset” – within 2 minutes of me saying this I had received an email reply saying Thanks.  I know that many of you are also having strange moments like this, strange dreams and syncs with time – including getting answers or information from people you are talking to (in all formats) at times like 11.11, 12.12 etc  I can even say one for me, last night I got a skype message from a friend in Moscow at 20.20, have not heard from him for a while – I replied a minute later “Taking each day as it comes” – the time in Moscow then was 21.21 – he then went off-line.  Job done!

I know with all the work that has been done, we are becoming purer in all we do, and what we are doing – most of us have issues that need to be resolved in 3D world to allow us fully to appreciate the other dimensions to fully release ourselves on this journey.  From all that I have learned and read over the recent few days, that time is coming, it is a true test of patience, but it is also the point to cleanse what needs to, resolve all issues within your home life, workspace old colleagues, ex-partners, ex-wives/husbands what ever needs to be done – do it…Our twins are with us, they truly are – when you look close enough, they are right there in front of us.  I know I have started my mission, now I need to focus on getting myself (personally) in the right balance to move forwards and truly appreciate all that I can from the connection with my twin, I know there is so much more to this and am looking forward when the time is right.  Watch this space 🙂

Guys – All the Twin Males of the world – it is time to wake up to your feminine side, take off your macho masks and stand in the light.  Reach out to your fellow man and be open, discuss it freely and don’t be afraid or ashamed, you are not alone and never will be.  We all need to witness what is going on in our lives, it may be a tough reality to deal with – but it will set you free from the control in your life today.

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