Second Book Underway – Twin Flame Story!

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Creativity Galore!

Well the ink is still drying and I am inspired to continue writing more and more.  It appears I may have been in a cave a few hundred years ago writing on parchments!  Whilst the energies are supporting this latest calling, I have decided to write a complete story about my own Twin Flame journey.  With a clear perspective we all have the ability to really see our own bigger picture.

The book will include the experiences of others who are also experiencing a similar life journey, as well as real down to earth tale tale signs.

The Guiding Light – A Twin Flame Story

twin flame storyThe Twin Flame story is often fraught with confusion and despair, along with a whole host of other issues to overcome. Many who are experiencing a Twin Flame or Divine counterpart connection find themselves deciphering a myriad of situations and realities that are difficult to comprehend. The author shares his own journey, beginning with the awakening and realisation of the soul connection he shares with another. Then, through careful examination of his life story, the whole twin flame journey begins to take a whole new dimension, and finally the clarity shines through.

Understanding what is happening in one’s life, and what it all means, is an essential aspect of coming to terms with the higher purpose of life. Labels often stigmatise situations, and lead us astray, or add more confusion and despair. The author goes to great lengths to share his own real life scenario’s, and those of others who are experiencing a Twin Flame life path. Combining the necessary realities, along with clear guidance, will allow other’s to safely navigate what is a challenging life.

Whilst each of us has a unique path to live, including the comprehension of a higher purpose, which in some cases is difficult to come to terms with, the author offers some valuable guidance and tips to help you on your way. Each of us has a free will, which will result in a series of actions and outcomes, but, as the author reveals, the Universe does have other plans for us!

You can pre-order your copy at Amazon due for publishing 29th June 2017.

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