On The Right Path – Twin Flames Ascension

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The Path To Ascension

As the ascension journey continues we find ourselves, in my opinion, at a completely new place.  The ascension path for twin flames and advanced souls presents what appears to be a whole new level.  What does this mean exactly?  I can share my own experiences and knowledge to enlighten others in an attempt to add some clarity.

I believe our soul knows now where we are going on this ascension journey.  We have received many new pieces of information on our journey, and finally I believe, the whole Divine plan seems to be crystal clear.  There seems to be a new sense of calmness within us, we are at ease with ourselves.  We are in-tune with the energy shifts and our intuition, but at a much higher level.  We may be seeing increased signs and syncs every day, but we simply acknowledge them and give thanks.  There does not seem to be the “push or pull” towards our beloved, in fact there seems to be a natural buffer in the physical realms.

Living Here and Now!

We are living mostly in the here and now, embracing all that we experience each day, and not fretting too much about things that no longer serve us.  Our gifts and wisdom is far more elevated, and we appear to be at a new frequency. We accept things as they are, which for many, is a major accomplishment.  I am extremely encouraged by these changes, as we are allowing more and more energy to be spent on those things that really matter.  Living in the here and now, the present moment, brings it’s own peace and tranquility.  Perhaps we have finally fully let go, and have full trust in the Divine and where we are going.

What really matters these days is that we have time for ourselves. We have a new perspective and we can enjoy each day. Financial abundance is an issue for most twin flames that I know personally.  These are testing times and we seem to be living week to week however we can, yet we make it.  We achieve what we need to achieve with what we have, as well as have some fun too.  I do believe that this dynamic will change shortly, the more we adjust to our new energies and vibrations.

Our connection with our beloved appears to be “numb” and they don’t appear to the focus or centre of attention (if that makes sense!).  We are standing in our own power, and moving forward, slowly but surely.  I know for sure the triggers are around, but as always it is important we take stock of what we can do or say. Staying balanced and grounded I find has amazing benefits, as well as socialising with others.  We have messages for others also. Our mission is to share love and to assist where we can.  Living a life without planning is certainly testing for many, but try it for a week or so, and enjoy the rewards.

Take A Break!

Take a break from everything that you normally do.  Spoil yourself with your own company, then go and share it with others.  Believe me, you will begin to see things from a completely new perspective.  Again this is very necessary on the ascension path and takes a lot of practice and cognitive thinking.  Old patterns and habits will still be presented, as the life long test of ego.  We will still have free will, it is our choice what we do each day.

It would appear we have now reached a wonderful place that really is new and interesting.  We are ready to move into our missions, we are manifesting our wishes and desires.  We are moving along the ascension path towards a whole new way of living.  Remember to give thanks for what is presented daily, no matter how trivial.  I know each day comes a barrage of signs, numbers and syncs that relate to my beloved.  I cherish them and am grateful when I see them.  Our ego will always be with us.  There are times when things will bring us to a point where we will need to say something out loud.  We do so out of respect and love of ourselves, and then we let it go.

blossoming twin flames ascensionTraining For Life!

Currently, it feels like we have been in training all our lives for this marathon mission of sharing love and light with humanity.  We are all wise souls, we have experienced a tremendous life, with what appears to be a lot of extremes.  Here we are today.  We have been awoken by the amazing soul connection of our beloved.  We are connected with an incredible soul family network that you only read about in novels.  Technology has enabled us to explore what we could not a few years ago.

Let us really take advantage of this powerful wisdom, knowledge and soul connections to lift vibrations.  Let’s set our intent together, for this is what we have agreed before.  Now is time for our ascension to continue with a full heart, a light mind and a pathway that has been cleared and repaired.   It is time for us to celebrate our achievements and successes, reward ourselves with appreciation and lots of love.  No matter what may be, we know what we have done is a massive accomplishment.  We are worthy, we are love, and we are One!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you, much love as always.

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