Twin Flames Children – The Bigger Picture They See!

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Magical Twin Flames Children

let the twin flame children build a better futureNearly a year has passed since my last article on Twin Flames children and much has revealed itself.  In many cases during our own awakening, we tend to focus our efforts on what we are doing to heal ourselves.  As we ascend, we are clearing the necessary blockages and lineages that are necessary for our own vessel to become pure.  This process is ongoing, and we notice the tremendous change in how we feel and think.  Our perspective is different on all that is around us, as the veils of illusion are lifted we see clarity in the belief systems of others.

We are continually challenging the belief systems we have been programmed to accept, enlightening us to lead a different way of life.  This alienates others, and we begin to feel isolated from our previous list of friends and family. The name calling and labelling are ongoing, and this leads us to question our path. Is it right, am I crazy, am I doing the right thing, when is this going to end?

These are all valid questions to ponder, and the more you do this and stand firm in your own internal beliefs the stronger you become.  The ego mind will bring you to a place of decision, you may feel like you have made a wrong decision about someone or something, and you will try it again, with a purer vessel and thought process.

You may revert to an old pattern or habit, and find that you end up reaching the same conclusion, this does not serve you and release it or them again.  Alternatively, should you continue with an “old” connection and you find it is at another level, a new phase of evolution, in this case, it will serve you further on your new path.

Our Children See Us Differently!

As we ascend and transmute our connections and relationships with our own children change dynamically. They will say they view us differently, they too will be going through dynamic changes.  Their hearts are already open to receiving love and maintain the innocence and naivety they were born with, but at the same time, they struggle with the changes they see in you and within themselves.  They are opening up to receiving incredible insight, messages and supernatural connections, which in some cases think they are completely mad (the same as us!).

During these times of physical and spiritual transformation, everything becomes part of the bigger picture, and it is a challenge to explain this to our little angels.  We worry what they may think of us, especially when they are going through puberty.  We all know what that time means, the moods, changes, emotions and peer pressure. Our children are still influenced by others and the illusions about all that is.

The education system teaches a template of how to be, or how life is, or how life was and begins to program their little minds into accepting what the teacher or principal says are fact and truth.  Some children exhibit what is often labelled as ADHD or ODD or some other psychological disorder that requires treatment or special needs.  This is far from the truth.  The systems are not geared up for compassion, empathy or love based teaching – they are targeted to produce results of achievement through designated programs.

If the teacher or school fails this is a reflection of the quality of them as determined by the system. The system addresses this through its draconian

method of reducing funding, discipline or other sanction. The system is not interested in excuses or “failure” it wants as many children to be programmed to a system so that it controls them in the future.  If a teacher speaks out against this method, he or she is labelled an outsider told to comply with the system or leave it.  Sadly there is no room for creative teaching these days within the system.

The standards of education are also changing.  The demands placed on children are incredible in some cases, or the standards are reduced to create an illusion of success for the system when in fact the reality is far from that.

There is a growing number of visionary teachers who are beginning to speak out and view education from a more holistic approach and are being labelled inappropriately by their peers.  This is an unfortunate and completely inappropriate approach to take, the system will have to change its’ own ignorance as these pioneers begin to demonstrate a new approach to education works.  It reminds me of the track from Pink Floyd “Brick in the Wall” – hey teacher leave them kids alone!

Twin Flames Children – The Future Of Gaia

As Twin Flames expand their own conscious minds to the new templates they are creating and destroying those that need to be gone, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture.  This journey is more than our own Twin Flame connection.  We would not be shattering belief systems for the sake of our own lives and future of our own children.  The scale of this reaches further than anyone of us can imagine. It is beyond us, it is incomprehensible in fact, and one that should not be questioned.

Taking away all limits of the mind, body and soul we can begin to see the impact each of us plays in transforming Gaia.  One cannot help but notice the younger generations are already prepared to live in love, for this they see as the way forward.  They are starting their own discussion groups, podcasts and webinars to connect with like-minded others, and in some cases are reaching the hearts of their peers.  They are open to talking freely about the soul calling them to helping change and transform the way in which we communicate and live.

Twin Flames Children are especially important for they possess a natural desire to bring their own twin family back to the state of the physical union. our twin flames children are pulling us altogether It is highly probable that children of a twin flame union have come back to once again experience the divine love and unity that they experienced in a previous lifetime.  It can be said that now is the time for the metrics of this planet to revert to the power of love as the divine source energy.  Our children are remembering more so than we did and are shining their light in our lives more brightly.

Trials and Tribulations of Twin Flames Children

They really do desire Twin Flame reunion, they are an integral part of this, and many are connecting in the higher realms with their mother or father, and siblings from their previous life together, when they were all One.  In some cases, it is clear there is a sibling rivalry, particularly if the Twins have their own biological children.  What can be noted is there is bound to be a distinct, uncharacteristic connection between one or more of the children when a twin flame family comes together.

The relationship between siblings becomes strained as the Divine connection between non-biological children deepens, this can be observed easily.  The parents can become embroiled in a constant need to referee or negotiator. This puts a big strain on their own relationship with their beloved, and in a lot of cases leads to a break-up as the children simply can’t or don’t want to allow the Divine union to grow.

One can explain this from a 3D perspective as simply the couple and/or the children are completely incompatible and is best to completely separate in this way.  This is a perfectly normal 3D observation. It is very difficult to substantiate what usually happens when the Twin Flames and their children become physically separated in this way.  The soul knows what it desires and deserves, it will always remind us consciously in the strongest way possible to look deeper.  The same applies to our Twin Flames children.

What can be said is the connection in the upper realms is much stronger for them, as they are not influenced or programmed fully into societal templates.  There is the opportunity to change this whole situation, and the soul reminds our children that there is unfinished business to resolve between their twin flame families.  The children remember more due to innocence and naivety still being present in their consciousness and hearts.

Watch, Look and Listen!

children of the twin flame union are more important than we appreciateAs Twin Flames ascend, be sure the counterpart is also, and no matter whether you are in contact or not, simply trust they are.  Our children are also ascending, it is a natural part of their journey with us.  They are an important and integral part of the mission.  They are the future of the mission, and it is really important that we, as Twin Flames, break all that is needed to allow them the footings we are creating.

Be open with your children, be honest, be real, and be vulnerable.  Learn to recognise when they are feeling down or confused, troubled or intimidated, in need of guidance or direction.  Watch them and listen to what they say or do.  Look at their drawings or creative skills, allow them to flourish outside of the templates in which you were brought up.  We see many Twin Flames children exploring many creative talents, whether through art, dance, expression or out of the box desires.  They are looking to achieve their own biggest desires, for this is their own soul calling.

Allow them to communicate openly with you, and feel free to share anything. It is very hard for many parents to do this due to their busy lives, but it is important that time is made for them.  They are interested in your connection also, it is in their DNA, whether they are your biological children or not.  There is a natural calling between separated children of the Twin Flame union.  Allow it to flow, do not prevent it, let them explore their own soul journey too.

The Future – Twin Flames Children

There is so much more that can be written here about the Twin Flames Children. We cannot ignore all that is happening to us as Twins, therefore, we cannot ignore them either.  This is their birthright as it is there’s.  It is our responsibility to ourselves to heal what is necessary, to break templates as needed.  To clear familial lineage and ties as necessary, and become at One with our self, our beloved and our children.

Our children are the future, who have a mammoth task if one looks at the state of Gaia today. This is not their responsibility to change, this is ours.  We are incarnated for a reason, we recognise ourselves as Twin Souls, and need to understand the importance of our purpose here today.  As we come closer to our beloved, so do our children. There is a pattern you can see for yourself.  No matter how hard we resist or put in boundaries, they will remind us of our beloved and their strong desire to reconnect.  Twin Flames children, recognise true love as much as we do, this is the goal of mankind today, and we have to do all we can to help achieve it.

As always, this article is based on my own observations and the experience that’s gleaned from my own children

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