Twin Flames With Children – New Information

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Observe and Be Aware

Twin Flames Children, and what appears to be currently happening.  I share this information openly, which is based on my own experiences at this time.  Some parts of the twin flame journey are hard enough for us as grown adults to handle, and it is often very difficult to share what happens in our own lives.  Our children, also have the same dilemma, especially those that are very sensitive or deeply connected to our counterparts.

Today I was having the most wonderful conversation with my youngest daughter Amy.  She is currently on school holidays and enjoying the sunny weather in Australia.  We have not spoken about my beloved for a few months, and all of a sudden today, our conversation turned into a healing session.  There was a stage during our father daughter conversation where I had to switch off the parent and become a guide, and simply listen to all that was said.  It has been a long time since we have gone through something as powerful as today. Having listened to her, there is an underlying message for us as parents.

twin flame kids awakeningIn my previous articles about our children awakening too, outlining some of the signs and symptoms to watch for, but I sense at this time we need to be observing our children much more.  As we are living our lives we do tend to forget that our children are connected too. It is very important to keep that door open for discussions and discovery.

Within the conversations today,  there was a lot of built up anger, a lot of fear, and a real issue of whom to share information with.  As a child or teenager, “normal” society does not understand, and will very quickly judge or link it to “growing up”.  It is important that your child can approach you, and trust you, as much as they can with what they are experiencing at a soul level.

New Template For Parenting?

There was never a time when I was able to have such open conversations with my own parents or grand parents.  Perhaps our ability to open up truly to our children is also a new template we are creating for them too.  The sense today, is a great release of so many things and at so many levels. Once you take away the surface issues the truth finally begins to show.  This takes a lot of patience, skill and willingness to just listen and listen, which is something a lot of parents don’t have time for.  If one can draw anything from this, it shows that the reality in which we live is twisted if we don’t have time for our own children or ourselves for that matter.  So, I stress again, sit and listen, open your heart and soul and let them share.

What I heard and saw today was tearing at my parenting mind, but I knew that I had to persevere, without influencing or encouraging what needs to be said.  Then out came the “pain and emotion”, in a major way.  I had to ask what had happened, and the answer came that nothing happened, this is just it!  I had to put myself into her situation, and also ask myself how do I deal with these things, to avoid complete break down.  Having carefully probed it is clear this was far deeper than the mind, this is the soul calling “home”.  It is not unique to twin flames children either.

Amy is still dreaming of my beloved and her son, she is still carrying  a lot of anger, and is afraid to share it with my beloved.  She does not want to upset her or cause her pain, which is something admirable for a 14 year old.  Asking many questions about her fear, and explained how this is caused, to be honest I was not in my own being when talking.  We discussed why she feels the anger, how it came about, and what she would like to happen.

Children Can Manifest Too!

What is her wish to from all of this?  In other words how can we turn the lower vibration, into a higher one!  And isn’t this the whole point of our existence here today?  As we are learning to change our vibration, we owe it to our children to show them too.  Remember we are building a new self, which always begins with the inner child.  The new we are going through now, is a whole new relationship with self, so of course we have to pass this to our own children as we progress.  I do believe this is one essential step in bringing the changes we need, and showing our children that the veils are simply illusions is part of it.  Most children buy into what we as parents say is true, so this is an ideal opportunity of being truer that true!!

Amy told me that she really would like to go and see my beloved, to talk, to share what she wants to say.  Whilst this is nothing new, there is something very determined in her wish.  She believes it is her purpose, it has to be done.  Almost like Bourne Identity Movies, which are also set partly in Moscow!!  She has many visions of the conversation and the outcome, they will remain hers, because this is her own Divine journey.  What we can say for sure this connection is very unique indeed, and one that baffles me.  I have often asked the universe why our children and us go through these experiences. The answer always comes back through words.  It is time for change, and it is our responsibility to effect change, no matter the soul journey we are on.

Letting Go!

Sharing my knowledge I have suggested that Amy does all or one of the following, so that she may at least release the lower vibrations she is carrying.  That she writes a letter on paper saying exactly her feelings, thoughts and ideas, swearing if necessary – but most importantly, getting it all out.  She should then take the letter outside and burn it in a safe place (the BBQ) so that everything is released to the Universe.  Secondly, she can write an email, again expressing herself and forgiving her – this option she can save to drafts or hit send.  The purpose is to write and release.  This is something that I can not do for her, or want to do, but I am here to help her as a guide along the way.  The third part are her wishes and desires, which I have explained can only begin to happen when she has let go of what is “hurting” her.

Amy used the words letting go to me throughout the conversation, she says she feels she has to let go, but does not want to.  I have done my best to explain the methodology behind letting go, and allowing the universe to present what is meant to be.  Some of her wishes I am aware of, so I said, once you have let it go, you can begin to ask the universe to help you to achieve them.  This will help her to feel the love she has inside for my beloved to smother the anger and fear.  This is not letting go the memories, it is letting go of the burden that does not serve us any longer, to allow all the new to come through.  These exercises will help her to heal what needs to be healed, and allow the love inside to blossom once again.  This healing is clearing blocks in the union that are very much needed.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is very essential for twin flames children to bring the reunion together, it is part of the process.

Ongoing  Support!

There are many lessons  learned today, as well as putting into action a new way of communicating with my children.  For the past few weeks a lot of new has happened, and ending a lot of old.  This is great sign that the path ahead is prepared and the work we have done is now being rewarded for our highest good.  To be honest I don’t know what day of the week it is, it is not important to anyone except a timekeeper!  I have also has a lot of clearing myself recently too, as well as chest issues (flu to bronchitis in 36 hours).

The conversation ended after 2 hours, and I felt a great relief that I was able to help.  Being able to switch off the parent mode, is an aspect I believe a lot of parents have to master.  There is a definite reason for this episode today, and that is to help the children push fear away, and be their true authentic beings.  Being grateful to the Universe for giving us the opportunity of creating positive new ways of communication and growth, it can only be good for all of us.

It is not for us to interfere in the process, as many parents want to do, but to allow this to happen organically.  Being aware should a similar situation occur again.  In closing, please share this with any groups or others who may be experiencing similar situations with their children and are struggling for an answer.  If anyone requires any assistance simply send me an email or book an appointment.  And also you can check out the latest guidance videos.

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  1. Good day Deane, I am from South Africa, 86000 years ago, twin soul(star) children was born out of
    me and my twin. We all four reincarnate back in the same life. Sometimes I can feel them carry more
    that a normal child need to carry in this world. Must we clear our energy and karma before the children
    be free of the pain that we carry, or will they be guided with higher hand and find the way, them self.
    Kind love Rina

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