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No Fluff Talk and Message to Twin Flames

twin flames ask deanoIn this video I share some of my journey through life, the recognition of Twin Flames, the root that I elected to follow to assist me to understand and come to terms with myself.  I have always maintained there is so much we dont know, and will never know, for this is an eternal journey through the Universe.

I am not here to make friends I am here to offer help and truly make a difference to the way humanity is evolving.

Throughout this video I share my observations about those who believe they are Twin Flames, the questions they should ask themselves, and a course of action to take.  This is purely some of my perspective, along with explanations that are realistic.

I don’t tend to make anything fluffy, as this journey is about getting to the core of who we truly are, and with that there can be no fluff.  Fluff causes distractions from the truth and reality.  What I do know is there are many who tend to forget or are afraid to acknowledge who they are and where the have come from.

Twin Flames are an essence, a presence on this planet that are here to work hard on themselves, and then continue to work hard on their mission.  As far as I see, there is only one mission, and that is to share love unconditionally.  As we grow we shatter the veils of illusion in our own world, and in turn we share this with others, which has a domino effect.


I aim to bring some realism to this, as well as certain things you can refer to in your own life that will provide the answers to the questions you have.  The layers have to be shed in all aspects of our being, our body, our mind and our soul.  This can only be achieved through hard work on oneself – these things can only be cured by yourself.

There is no magic wand – except yourself, it all begins and ends with you.  It is time for a serious reflection of self, and one where you possess the answers, it is just a matter of looking in the mirror to find them.

I extend my offer of helping those in need of some straight talk and no fluff – I offer free guidance and practical thngs to help you help yourself.  To make a free booking with me please visit my website where this special offer will be live for the month of October only.

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