Twin Flames Talk – Our Truth!

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Real Truth Experiences – Twin Flame Journey!

Truth about Twin Flames – Love…Self Mastery and the whole journey.  Deane and Liana share their insight and personal experiences from their own Twin Flame journey.  It is clear from our own experiences there is a distinct “gap” in the twin collective at the moment, one that shows the work that is necessary to achieve Union with self.  The journey has always been about the journey within; this applies to all aspects of our being.  Mind, body and soul.  The challenge for most is the journey into the mind – this is the most important aspects of who we are!!  The more you avoid this aspect, the more you will be feeling a pressure to do so!

The Twin Flame journey is all about our own self, the journey back to One.  To our own completeness and wholeness.  Our Union with self, having fully embrace all that we are.  It is only when we fully clear our vessel can the new be integrated, this really is about emptying yourself of everything you have ever believed to be true.  Your truth is your own personal experience across your life, not what anyone has told or shown you!

Apologies in advance for some expletives used 🙂

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