Twin Flames Time To Be Facing The Truth

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Truth, Dare and Consequences!

ask deano twin flames truthLet us be completely honest shall we – if we are unable to face the truth our lives will continue to harass us until we do.  It is all cause and effect, avoiding your truth allows the growth of fear to be ever present.  Are you constantly seeking comfort and assurance from external influence’s such as social media self help groups.  For every ten minutes you sit and listen or watch someone else, you deprive yourself of that time and energy.  Are you asking yourself these important questions to allow yourself to grow and reclaim all that you are and meant to be.

Social media is a very integral part of day to day life these days – in fact it is an extension of who we are.  It has become embedded in society as a means of communication and expression, along with a valuable source of information.  The other side of this though is that it is also a stomping ground for predators and false prophets.  This is something that I keep mentioning, because I have witnessed it, been involved with it, the victim of it and more importantly see it happening in front of my eyes.

Those that set up groups do so for many reasons, and then realise it is a massive task to manage, and then allow others who they resonate with to participate in the administration.  There are others that set up groups simply to feed a whole pile of crap that is someone else s words or work (plagiarism). There are those that have access to a live funnel of very vulnerable individuals in search of help.  The closed groups are a classic example of this, and unless the administrators are genuinely concerned about what is said or published, things get very out of hand quickly.  It becomes an arena of negative energy, gossip and to be quite honest a dis-service to humanity.

Truthful Intentions or….

The truth of the matter is when we avoid our own inner voice, we take on that of others, it is their opinion that clouds ours and therefore our truth isbig-wave always lost in the fog.  If Martha from XYZ group says ” and today the masculine energy is doing this and that”, you believe it is doing this and that.  You immediately lose one important sensation and that is the feeling. You have already programmed yourself that what Martha says is true.  Opinion changes everything in this reality – it creates a false sense, and one that so many buy into.

The ego also comes out to play in the group settings – I know because I have seen it for myself, it has happened to me, and quite frankly it is a demonstration that so many have bought into the false reality created.  When a new perception or tone sheds light and it is then dimmed or removed, this is a sure sign of ego in play.  Censorship is all about fear, nothing more or less.  Deletion and removal is also ego, especially when one can see who is behind the group in the first place.

Actions always show the truth – intention also.  If people are intent on driving a flock of sheep to their own fields this is a sure sign of elitism, ego and totally non-spiritual purposes.  The whole spiritual community has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry that is all driven on hope and vulnerability, and it is further creating a complete mockery of all that is.  The biggest names in the business that represent household names, rely on the vulnerable and needy to create revenue.  How many of you have bought a set of tarot cards, or crystals or healing messages in the past year.


What would you do if for some inexplicable reason the internet stopped working for a week!  Wow, imagine how the global economy would be impacted first and foremost. Second the whole infrastructures of society would simply cease to function.  What would you do with yourself…you would find a way to continue your life, you will find a way to entertain yourself.  Things would be different, and more likely than not you will have to do many things differently too.  I am sure that you would not cease to exist, for our internal mechanisms, or survival instincts kick in…or do they.  Do you see the co-dependency here, the reliance on an external tool, that only has one function – to control.

We see that most social media giants have no morals about what is posted or not, as long as users are online, liking, sharing and clicking on ads, they are happy as Larry.  Complain about your child being bullied or an insulting video, then their company policy says it is OK, we are again the victim of corporate abuse.

This picture is not very bright is it – have you ever checked the terms and conditions of any social media business when you sign up. Incredible what they can do and will do.  Be sure the consequences are always in their favour, and when in times of real need. They simply don’t give two hoots who or what you are, for they rule!

Illusions Are Real

lighthouseI share my work on my social media feeds, but I don’t have thousands of friends or followers, I believe my work will reach those it needs to when the time is right for them.  Far too many rely on large numbers of friends and followers to keep their business alive. To keep clients buying goods or services, in other words dis-empowering others for financial gain.  In my honest opinion this is not service to humanity, it is like a Venus fly trap open waiting for the next victim to land and be trapped inside.  Because the way in which the mind has now been programmed to work, since the conceptualization of marketing. People now believe the more followers and viewers you have, is a sign of how good or truthful you must be.

This is also the same programming search engines apply to rankings monitors and search results, having more makes you number 1. The higher you are up the list the more expensive it gets.  Oh yes, and once you are number one, you have to keep paying to stay there, as there is always someone else who also wants to be number 1.

The illusion is real, and many are so intent on getting your attention, they will do anything to get it. If that means tracking your social media trends then that is how they will always offer things they believe you need based on your habits and activity.  All you have to do is check your news feeds, or ad offers, or when you visit other websites. How conveniently you will see something you were recently searching for.  It is in your face all the time, and will only continue to be ever present if you allow it.


Balance is key for any successful transformation, and in this case less is more applies.  The less we interact with social media and other main stream news we are much more healthier and sane.  In most cases social media has its uses, but as time passes we will find it ever present, and will totally begin to replace how we communicate and interact with others.  We are losing touch with humanity and those we love and cherish, there is so much more value in seeing someone face to face.  There is so much more value in a voice than a few lines of words, because as we all know. So much is lost in translation and interpretation, how many time has a disagreement been started because of a misinterpretation of words.

Be conscious of how much emphasis you place on what goes on in the electronic world.  I know that today there will probably be nearly 400 billion face book messages sent around the world, and 1.2 billion advertisements displayed on various devices.  Now that is something to think about.

Shedding love and truth on the reality of one aspect of day to day life that we can change if we choose to!

If you would like a free consultation please make an appointment and I will be happy to share my thoughts with you!

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