Twinflames Ascension and Breaking Free

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From Where And When Does It All Begin?

twinflames ascension brings together infinite wisdomTwinflames Ascension now is the time, and even though, this may appear to be a somewhat philosophical post, in today’s society we need more abstract teachings and openess.

As man has evolved more and more contraints and controls have been put in place, by fellow man. An elitest society has been created for whatever reason, and this leads our wonderful planet to be smothered and suffocated. The elitest society is not and will not take care of humanity, it has no agenda or interest in doing so.

For humanity to have any prospect of freedom and survival it needs to break free from those mechanisms and systems that pretend to protect and serve, and discover true freedom.

Where and when it all begins is a personal choice, and one that many are afraid to make.

Fear is what has been lectured for millenia by various leaders, religions and societies, but where did this come from? How did man become so intent on conquering, greed and wealth. Does it really yield so much satisfaction? Does power really bring happiness? Does wealth demostrate who man really is? No it does not.

Whose Life Are You Living?

balance in all that you do is key for twinflames

Looking back at one’s own life we begin to see how and for whom we have lived life. Has it been to satifsy our peers and siblings? Can it be a family legacy? Is this a path pre-chosen for us based on society expectations? Has this life been selected for us because of religious or cultural desires or indoctrination? Have we really lived the life that we desire until today? Can we achieve the things that we are meant to? Can we truly experience what we are here for? Or have we simply served those that have, in one way or another determined the way it should be?

It is an interesting set of questions to ask, and the answers may really suprise you. Are you truly free? Or are you still in effect enslaved in the reality in which you find yourself in today?

Making a conscious decision to get to the core of your being is the first step of many to true freedom. The essence of man comes from within; his heart and soul. This journey begins with an action, one that truly begins to shake the very core of your foundation, and that of everything you know and believe to be true. You will question your own sanity, and others will also question it too! This is part of the process, and one that leads to a tremendous challenge of being well and truly alone with oneself.

It is this that will lead you to the inner depths, for there is noone else who is going to challenge you as much as you do (other than your twinflames ascenion symptoms). Are you ready to meet yourself in a wonderful exchange of dialogue and truth. If the answer is yes, be prepared to dance with your soul. It is an incredible challenge to really open up to yourself, to question your own perceptions and truths. To be able to shed light on those things that require it, and to release them once and for all.

We Are Divine Essence!

6We are the very foundation of our existence, it all begins with us. Ourself, our own truth and nakedness. Our Divine essence is constantly with us. It will never leave us, the same as our twinflames. We are always connected to the essence of our purpose.  It is only our ego, and the set of circumstances that we have made that restrict the access. As man has evolved, more and more external influence has been forced into our lives, bigger ambitions and goals, as well as responsibilities, and more importantly expectations.

I made a choice to break free from familial ties a long time ago, for me and my path, that was something I had to do. It was the beginning of a lengthy process to building my own core values and principles of life. I am proud that I managed to build a wonderful set of values. I still carry them with me today, they are simple acts of chivalry and empathy. This is at the core of me, and these have served me well all my life.

During the past two years of living with myself, I have gone to places I can’t express in words. I have seen places that can’t be explained, and I have learned more about me it even suprises me! Yes this is who I am. – Remove the illusions and the societal demands, and you are left with self.

The very foundations of my life have been remade many times during my life. During the past week, I have come to realise that my foundations need to be renewed again, due to the learning and realisation of self-discovery. It is not a deconstruction, or a reconstruction – it is literally time to build new foundations, taking the parts that serve, and firmly installing them into the ground.

New Foundations Of Life

From the new foundations one can build what ever is necessary, allowing the very foundation to support all that is. It is a clean and fresh way to approach life. We shall not forget or neglect the previous foundations, we will visit those buildings often enough. Right now it is time to build the new. That also means building new relationships with our children, and those that we choose to invite into our life.

twinflames lead the way for better living on the planetSelf Mastery is an ongoing process, I don’t believe we will ever cease this process. We have to remember what have learned in previous lifelines and bring that into the new, for that is what was before man decided to begin it’s quest for control and power.

Incredibly the greatest philosophers of the world still live on today, we see their work and words everyday. We have simply forgotten that they are the best teachers.  For they tended to be those that spoke out against systems, and fostered free thinking. Opening the mind to all possibilities and probabilities, is the gateway to freedom of all belief systems and mechanisms.

The only truth that we know and should believe is what we personally experience and witness ourselves – for that is 100% authentic. You cannot rewrite your own history and for that matter why would you? It is who you are today. Accept, Embrace and LOVE it all – now live it!

I am grateful to my beloved for pushing me over the cliff. Eternally grateful to my children for allowing me to open the wings and fly.  Grateful to those many friends and soul family members who have helped and guided me along the way. Finally I am grateful to myself for being brave and strong to enter the coliseum and deal with what ever is released from the hidden chambers.

These are the shadows we must conquer, and we must be resolute in facing them and overcoming them, as we do, our lives change.

Don’t be afraid of the shadows, they can not harm you, they are what made you!

Much love and blessings

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