Twinflames – Opening the Doors To The New

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The Remnants – Time To Let It Go!

back to basicsTwinflames – Changes are most definitely in the air, for this we need to deal with what is coming back to visit us from the past.  There is most definitely work to be done. Resolving all issues, including those that we believe we have dealt with.  New opportunities are being presented, new challenges are presented, love is flowing through us, in a new way.

The importance of change is critical for the future, but it has to come from a completely new perspective. From a position of unconditional love.  Sharing and caring, learning and loving, expanding and evolving from our new found love.

It may not “feel” like love, in the traditional sense, but allow who you are to nurture these new found sensations and ideas.  Explore them and share them with one and all.

Twinflames – we are being asked to fully trust in all that we are. Letting go of the remnants and surrendering them to the Divine is pure faith and trust in all that our soul is calling us to do.  We have nothing to fear, we have so much more to feel and see.  Bring that level of love to a point where it is bursting and feel it flowing through you.

Never doubt your purpose, love is the mission and message to share, your beloved will feel this, as they did before. Have complete belief in the journey you are on, and surrender all to the Universe.

What ever is happening or going to happen is one we can not control, there is a far greater force acting. It is our own higher self and true authentic self, listen to the heart and soul, and be swept away to your destiny.

Sending you love and Light

Deane X X

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