Unification Of Mind, Body and Soul!

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The Journey Of Life!


This journey has always been about self…nothing more or less. Once our true-self has been discovered, we disseminate what is true for ourselves. From that truth, we gain an ideal view of all that is, and the bigger picture for our own life journey. When we begin to label or categorise our own soul we add another layer of duality. This is the exact situation we are evolving from…which translates into “old beliefs and paradigms” being broken, to bring in the new.

There will always be certain aspects of old ideas and thoughts within us which can be merged with the new to form a proper foundation in which to move forward. This is our own personal evolution and soul journey. If we remain closed to new ideas, philosophies or practices, and others experience or truth we become stuck in the old. There are no rule books or manuals which to follow, yet there are many who profess to offer the instant cure or solution, whether it be in kind or in return for a fee.

In some cases, it has become a business and an income stream, and one in which there are competition and all the commercial aspects of an industry. Those that rely on the income will naturally defend their views and opinions; it appears those that share in service are open to new discoveries that simply add a new dimension to an evolving theology.

This is a natural thing, for it is through experience alone we explore consciousness more clearly and can tap into the higher consciousness of all that is. In my opinion, there are many aspects of the journey we will never understand or are not meant to understand…for knowing when and where the happy ending takes place, defeats the purpose of living the experiences in the first place. We shall embrace all versions for there are lessons in all we allow ourselves to open up to.

Division only causes destruction, and with so much disinformation and differing views, the only truth we can and shall rely on is our own. Each of us is unique, and we all have access to the higher consciousness. Those that choose to let go of everything except their own truth will reach a level of consciousness of simply being and knowing, as well as in the here and now. Through the merging of old with the new, we are co-creating something very special, which, no matter which label we choose to elect, is surely the whole reason we are here in the first place.

Dismantling what is essentially an illusion allows us to truly grasp who we are, where we have been leading to and the knowing of why we are here and our purpose. Let’s take it back to simplicity, to the core of who we are, and that is unconditional love. Whatever we create from here on is something of the purest creation and form, which can only mean it is for our highest good and that of our home too, Gaia.

Our goal is the unification of the highest version of our true self, with the highest consciousness we can tap in to.

Only through Unity will we achieve wondrous things; whether as an individual or as a collective. It is that belief we shall hold fast in our bodies, hearts, and minds because that is our driving force of the future. The future is here today, it is available for all, and it is at our fingertips.

It is this I hold within me for that is the essence I am and ever shall ever be. I am an evolving form of love that is the most incredible energy I can manifest. It is this essence that is my driving force and it is a pleasure to share it with others.

Through a pure connection of love, miracles will happen, because love always finds a way 

Thank you for reading, Until the next time 


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