Union With the Love of God

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I would like to share some of my journey, some of my truth with you today. Please know that I only share from my experience and what it has led me to. I would ask that you would consider my words with an open mind and an open heart.

Throughout our lives we are given the message to seek outside of ourselves for everything. Our imaginations are stifled as we are told what is real and what is not. If one does not conform to, or excel at, the lessons taught in school, both scholastically and socially, one becomes ostracized or medicated. In seeing these lessons played out, most do what they can to avoid similar treatment.

If one is exposed to mainstream religion, one learns that in order to please God, one has to follow a set pattern of behaviors to earn their way into whatever afterlife awaits. We are not meant to have all the answers, yet live on faith that God will take care of us, as long as we behave. In this process we are taught that the love of God is not within us, it comes from outside of us. Both socially and spiritually, we have been taught and programmed to seek outside of ourselves for whatever fulfillment we feel we are in search of.

All this to say that by the time we have meet our twin, we have been leaving in the illusion of an outward journey. Our Twin comes along and brings a mirror of our Soul. We have all had this time with our beloved when it felt as if everything was right in the world. Everything is so perfect, yet at some point it is not. Then it is heart wrenching, soul tearing, and tidal waves of not perfect.

If we have met our beloved, what is all this pain? Why do we keep revisiting the wounds that we had thought we had healed? Why does dark night of the soul feel as if it needs to be pluralized? Because it is these areas of life that we are being asked to transmute and heal.

Yeah, yeah, more talk of healing, yet wtf more am I supposed to be healing???? Have we not all asked ourselves that? The lessons we have learned over this life, and the countless ones before, are being completed within us in this life. It means that if there is any feel of a void in our heart, any place that we are looking outward instead of inward, our Soul is going to bring this to us again and again until the only thing that is in our heart is the Love of God. Union is not only about being in physical union with our beloved. It is about being in union with that which we recognize as our creator. After all, if we have the love of the Universe within our heart, does it matter if we are in physical union with our twin? If we find the love of God within us, how will that be reflected and manifested in our lives?


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