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I would like to share some of what I believe to be True with you. Please know that I share only my thoughts and understanding, read with a discerning heart.

As we look into the mirror that is our Twin, we find a Truth that is unique to us. As we begin to explore this Truth, live this Truth, the veils of illusion begin to slip away. As we share our Truth with others, we begin to find common ground. It is this common ground that we begin to anchor a new level of consciousness. Can you imagine a world in which we celebrate each other’s uniqueness instead of fearing it? Can you imagine the things we could do if we set our differences aside instead of focusing on them? Yet how do we begin to do that?

I believe that we need to let go of anything that would divide us. After all, the whole premise of Twin Flame’s is one of Love and when has Love ever divided anything? Does not Love call for acceptance and tolerance? Is not Love said to be blind? If so, should we not turn a blind eye to our differences and instead focus on what unites us?

If we believe we are Twin Flame’s, do we not believe that we are here to anchor a new understanding of Love, bring a Light to darkness? If so, should we not be more sensitive to the plight of other’s? Should we not be more compassionate knowing the struggle’s and confusion of our own personal journey? If we wonder what is keeping our Twin so long from our Union, yet offer judgments on the journey’s of others, maybe that is the answer.

I believe that for us to find Union with our Twin, we first must find Union within ourselves. This does not mean that we will not need anyone, or that we will not need guidance, comfort, or aid. Any one of us could have a million advisers and councilor’s, yet it is up to the individual to make the choice for themselves. I can listen to my closest friends, and I often have, yet it is up to me to either take their advice or not. Yes, we need each other, we need to share our struggle’s, and victories, with other living human beings who understand the difficulty of the journey, yet none of those people can walk our Path, nor can we walk theirs. It is not up to us to determine what is right or wrong for others, only for ourselves.

As we come into Union with ourselves, I believe we will then begin to come into Union with our Twin and our Tribe. After all, the real work begins when we find ourselves in Union. There is a world to change and it is going to take each and everyone of us, with our unique picture of Truth, to build the new one.

We have seen what happens when the world is shaped, driven, by the false idea’s of division and separation. Do we want to build a world on the same principles that have brought us here? Or do we want to build a world that is founded on the inclusive, healing energy that is unconditional and Divine Love?

Thank you for letting me share some of my thoughts, some of my Truth with you. Namaste.

Rae K. H.


Share the love!