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aliceAfter enjoying some wonderful company and weather yesterday, as well as some good news about the path I have chosen, one has to acknowledge and give thanks to the Universe. There are so few questions these days, there seem to be only answers being given these days to all that has been asked before, and this is a clear indication the path chosen is where we shall be journeying.  The efforts of self discovery are truly worth the investment – and will be the best investment you make in you life – it takes some convincing I know, as we are so swayed by life events, programming and societal demands.  Why do you think you keep being shown these images from around the world..don’t you find yourself being told to feel sorry for the crazy state of the world?  How is this our responsibility? Why are the political powers transferring the duty of care to us? How dare they treat us like their conscience – this is not ours to own.

Transfer of trauma is a common known psychological term these days, it is common in areas where there have been conflicts or atrocities, it is very prevalent here where I live, and in this region – I know it is also common in many other places around the world.  I know I am not speaking out of turn on this subject as I have practised, witnessed and been subjected to transfer of trauma – it is real, yet we are so blind to it, because we tend to believe all that is written and shown to us by the so called “leaders” of the world.  We are being brainwashed on a global scale, we are being manipulated, we are being shown what “they” want us to see, and really it is for us to take our eyes away from the reality, we are kept so busy with other peoples issues we have no time for our own.  Now is the time to use the keys that you possess to claim ownership of your own reality, your own world, your own life and those of your loved ones.

All of the sadness, anger, destruction, suffering and other such events are not yours to own – you can empathise and sympathise, but please don’t pick Hand-holding-lightbulbup the banner or point the finger at anyone, it does not serve you at all, except to satisfy your and others egos’.  You can not change what has already happened, you can not influence the outcome of the crisis – so therefore you shall not accept the responsibility for it.  This may sound like a very draconian attitude to you – but take time to reflect on this for a minute or two.  Who sanctions all this action? Who sends the orders to push the button? Who really is responsible? Who is really bending over to the powerful few?  The deeper you go into the reflection you will reach your own conclusion, but for sure it is not you or I that is responsible – yet these very intellectual puppets are not that smart at all.  The ones who are benefiting from all of this are those that control the largest corporations, banking systems and other such organisations.  There is no benevolence in their work – they want to be the most powerful in the world in which they live, one of greed and gluttony.  This image they will never allow you to see clearly; that is why there are these veils of illusion that magically appear from all over the world, and yes they touch us as we are truly loving beings.

The images of a little boy on the beach reached millions of people, and we were all touched and outraged by the apparent inaction of the “power players” – and we are left with a bitter and twisted view of the truth, but this image did take our eye away from our own neighbour hood, our own living room, our own world.  I can walk the streets of my local town and see similar images of those that simply cannot afford to live in humane conditions – they live without basic amenities, food, shelter or clothing and yes I can help by giving a piece of clothing, or a meal, or a place to stay for the night.  Their voices are silent also, and irrespective of how they got into the situation, the ones who are supposed to protect and represent our basic needs simply turn a blind eye, and point the finger at others.  Failing to accept responsibility for their own oaths towards humanity – to love, respect and honour one another – these are the basic principals of our creation, the rest is superfluous bull shit that is dribbled each and every day by puppets, who’s strings will be cut shall they not comply.

There are far more innocent minds being corrupted each day by these shocking media images – these are triggers for us, they are beginning to highlight the real truth of those that proclaim to be protectors of the world, when in fact they are the complete opposite – wolves in lamb’s clothing. Our love for each other shall be amplified, we shall light a candle and say a prayer for those that are suffering or being forced to leave their homes, or face dire situations in their lives – we should, as a collective use our simplicity in love to deliver a message towards change.  I can see a path of light in front of me, and know that more work is needed from the collective to raise the vibrations of our thoughts.  We do have the power in peace and love to make changes, we are slowly waking our consciousness to our own truth, and we shall be strong to see through the veils that are presented on a minute by minute basis to influence what we feel.

I AM an Ambassador of Light, I shall continue to teach self awareness and promote the use of our own minds for the better of humanity, we need more Ambassadors of Light to wake and see the stars in the sky, to sense the real work that needs to be done, to feel their own love and light, and allow the flames to be reignited within.  The power we each possess is far greater than we realise and recognise, all because we have been told for eons’ that things must be this way – it does not have to be this way, make it your way.  Loving is not breaking any law of any land. Love is the Universal Law – love bonds us all together, it is a common energy that is very much needed on this planet.  You can make a difference, believe in that please!

You are able to take complete control of your own world, and accept responsibility for all that you do from this day forward – make the difference to your world, and feel the amazing change in your own life – Love simply is the key to yourself, and the way the world progresses – it is the key, which is in your mind, body and soul.  Use the key to unlock your true potential and value, for you are worthy, you are love, you are, we are, I am.

Have a wonderful day, contemplate these words, reflect and recognise who you are, for you are one beautiful being full of love and light!


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