Urgent Message – Our Children Are In Action!

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Important Message!

featured-image-2-1024x576It has been a troublesome day for my daughter and I – we were discussing some simple things to prepare her for school, that ended in some tears and truth being shared.  When she went to do some studying she was sending me messages, that she felt like she was losing me, that I was angry and disappointed, that she was afraid to share her feelings because she does not like to express them.  At this point I reassured her that all is OK, that she will never lose me, and other calming words…I suggested that if she can not express them verbally she should write them down – 15 minutes passed and she appeared with a poem, which I will share below.

In talking to other twins and soul family around the world today – it is clear to me, that our children are triggering us to make or take action.  The connections they share with our beloveds is obvious and is firmly cemented in their lives, in some cases closer than that with family members.  We have to pay heed to what is happening, and whilst it is incredibly difficult for some, we have to look closely at what we can do together to help them.  Each of us will make a decision that suits our own situation, and set of circumstances, but it appears the Universe is certainly upping the stakes in the Twin Journey.

Allow the tears to flow, for me it is like grieving and letting go all over again – I recognise I am very vulnerable, and not ashamed to release the tears; it is also very difficult for any parent to watch their child going through this whole situation.  I pray that the Divine will intervene and allow us the opportunity to find the best answer for our highest good.  This is most definitely all new territory for all of us, and we shall be united in our resolve in helping one another getting through this.  As a collective we can send love and light and share our energies with those that are struggling at the moment, and this is my request of you.


I’m Lost, I’m trapped

I’m scared and broken

I need her by my side again

But that one person

I need the most isn’t here

I miss her eyes

I miss her hair

I miss her smiles

I miss her steps

Her advice

Her words

Her talks

And the way she braided my hair

She is like a mum

But she is far far away

Like Neverland

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