We All Have Our Off Days!

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Testing Days!

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I felt the need to write something today – after a testing day yesterday!!  There is a general sense in the energy that we have arrived, yet again at a state of temporary limbo – and boy how we love those days!  Feels like a full reflection and balancing of the 3D aspect of the lives we endure whilst in this vessel of ours, oh what did we sign up for ??!!  Another self examination about the difference between faith/belief over ego/veils; I asked myself a very important question also, which I am sure some of you have many times!  “Is this  obsession and reality v’s spirituality and the Divine!” These types of thoughts are when we are in this reality, so what we do with it and how we respond to it is important, and again I reiterate the importance of your Soul Family.

It is also very good for you just to let it all flow through you – we are continuing to utilise all that we have remembered, it may not be a pleasant feeling it is best not to resist.  Remembering who you truly are requires a period of adjusting in every way, with the mind, body and soul. I believe it is a sign that your whole being is going through – it is hard to resist, and if you try, I am pretty sure it will come back with much greater force.  Do your best to relax and reflect and send to the light all that is troubling you.

On a good note, late last night I was able to completely open my mind and body to receiving the full energy of the Universe. This morning I woke after 10 hours sleeping solidly, to a sensation of being in 5D; a good place to be, full of love and appreciation.  I also noticed my youngest daughter went to sleep for 12 hours, she woke up feeling totally refreshed.  What I deduce from this is she too, has been going through similar experiences as I. We have again another indication of how our children are also keys to our ascension and physical reunion.  I have written an article on how our children are also going through ascension/purification.

With the end of the year approaching we are looking at everything with a new perspective, being grateful and celebratory about our achievements, successes, growth and development – we are all in much different places today.  Remember to celebrate yourself – this is not ego based celebration, you have grown so much and this is a wonderful thing to feel.  We often forget to recognise ourselves in all that we do – just feel awesome, and say wow a bit more often, because it truly is an incredible achievement, which in-turn will be felt in the collective.

We are all truly incredible, we are all divinely precious and we are all very aware of the love we are.

Enjoy your day, stand in a mirror and hug yourself – and feel the love of yourself!


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