Interesting Tests – Weighing Of The Heart Ceremony?

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Ancient Rituals In A New Format?

Certain events have happened over the past 48 hours that I and several others have experienced, and after careful processing, I can sense some realisation.  I share this perspective as a guide for others who may be experiencing similar situations. Perhaps this stems back to my journey with a Shaman, and the ancient healing remedies I have had the pleasure of embracing.

Prior to my awakening, I was a corporate executive, representing others interest in their businesses.  In addition, I was representing „their“ illusion of truth and reality, as I was on their payroll.  Several of my vices were around control and wealth, as well as not being completely honest.  In a lot of cases, I lied to protect others or to cover up my own misgivings – this all leads to a path of destruction in the end.  The film „Bird Cage“ brings that message home loud and clear to me today!

In any event, the past few days have allowed me to be completely honest and call things as I see them, without any fears.  Particularly surrounding a project that is dear to my heart and has implications for humanity.  I have assumed the role as a guardian or protector of a certain person in my life for some reason. Ensuring that certain historical events that have occurred before do not happen again, particularly in this person’s family history.

Being a conduit or a facilitator is a tough task for any of us, but this One has a whole lot of special characteristics, that would suggest a higher purpose or meaning.  Why it landed on my doorstep I have no idea, but, I have taken up the shield and sword to do perform my role.  Having spoken recently at a global summit, I have been presented with many potential solutions for the project.

These include lots of dollars to ensure the project is delivered globally – so you can imagine a few zero’s were in the equation. Yesterday a document arrived in my inbox, which was serious and real, with a lot of big numbers and words.  I feel blessed that my beloved appeared in my dream state a few hours previously.

The first thing I did, was to remove the money aspect, as an insignificant interest to the project, despite being necessary for the overall plan to be achieved.  Secondly, I really did put on my new head and began to perform due diligence, free from emotions.  Cold hearted in a way, I had to extract myself from the situation to be pragmatic and objective.  I was amazed at how easy it was, with these new insights and thoughts.  Very quickly I began to see that something was not correct, there was information that was missing.

Old Vices – Old Temptations!

On requesting the information, I was surprised that the questions were ignored, yet the dollar value the deal represented had been increased to add another zero (now making ten’s of millions).  This was not sitting well with me – my intuition was saying something is not right here.  My other side was saying give the benefit of the doubt, it’s OK, just sign the document.  Even the other party said, sign and we will reveal more!!  It was then that I went to speak with a friend who had introduced me to my Shaman.

He was referring to his day, and how he had been presented with his vice too, at virtually the same time as I had been presented this opportunity for funding.  As we were talking he said that my vice would appear very soon. I misinterpreted that, until the discussions I was having reached a turning point, the penny dropped.  This was a test – the red flag was right in my face, and the bull was not flinching.  I was standing my ground, not in stubbornness, but in love.

Everything that was presented to me was great on paper, and a lot of people would have signed it.  But, when the other party was asked to answer simple everyday questions about corporate structure, the take away started to happen. It was even suggested at one stage that I mistrust the whole concept, and I had placed an impasse into the whole equation.  Well, if the request for simple details like address and company name causes this reaction, there is something desperately wrong.

It was at this point that I realise, like my friend, I had been presented with my temptation to revert to the old ways.  To create an illusion to satisfy my own interests, and not uphold my „guardianship“ of a certain person.  Then, I began to look at other events of the past week, because as we all know our energy levels and vibrations are rising.

More Carrots For The Donkey!

Again, I have been dangled mother carrots – a whole myriad of beautiful sexy women, and please don’t say I am being sexist.  These have appeared everywhere I am going, and believe me they are eyeing me from top to toe!  Despite being single for the past 3 years a relationship is not on my list of priorities, and neither is intimacy. So, whilst I have looked and admired the scenery I have not pursued the opportunity, for whatever reason.

So what does this all mean – especially when we are living in the moment?  I suppose it asks us have we really learned, have we evolved, have we shed the old patterns and templates.  Are we comfortable saying what we need to say in love?  Are we comfortable to face what were once fears irrespective of the outcome? Are we truly able to consider what we have in our hands, along with our responsibility to our self and others? Can we apply balance and make a decision that is from the heart?

Well to answer that question we need to make a decision, and then let it all go.  When we face a „temptation“ or test, and apply the higher consciousness we know what we are doing is for our highest good.  How others interpret your decision is for them to deal with, not you, and remember there is no right or wrong.  I did make a decision, that effectively stated if the basic information is not forthcoming then we can not proceed further.  What ever will be will be – if it is in truth then it shall be!

In reality, others will judge us based on their own perceptions, as we have done in the past.  It has always been very difficult for someone to prove they are a reformed person or character.  I have been struggling with this for most of my life, but at the end of the day what do I have to prove to anyone?  We are all human, and we all fall for temptation if the moment is right or aligned.  If others keep looking at us through old eyes to suit themselves, so be it.  Everyone deserves to present themselves in a new light.  Far too many seek to resolve these old issues too late in life, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I thank you.

Perhaps you are also being presented with some favorite old delights or temptations?

This which is happening to me is so reminiscent of ancient rituals. Particularly the weighing of the heart ceremony, before Osiris, where you are judged before passing over to your after life path.  It is symbolic perhaps the heart is at the center of this ceremony, as there has been a lot of heart expansion of late in my world.  These ancient rituals may or may not bear any relevance in today’s’ society, but the underlying messages serve humanity.

I did have visions of being presented before my beloved last night and placed under a lie detector test; very similar to the weighing of the heart ceremony.  Yes, I did have to think about the answers, and of course, I was concerned how she may react.  Again, the mind was trying to wriggle out and ask to define truth, as well as using technical words.  The overall message was to trust in the truth, and only the truth, for that is what will set you free.  So plug me in as I am ready for whatever answers you wish for!

Another step in Ascension for sure, and one that is an indication of the choices we are being asked to make, and how we respond to them in our new state!

There is so much more to come next few weeks, be prepared and grounded!

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