What a difference a year makes!

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Every day in every way I AM getting better and better!


This time last year I am not afraid to say I was a mess, in all aspects of my life – the Universe kindly turned my life upside down through the decisions that I had made.  Yes, I was a blubbering mess as I felt I had lost everything, yet I made a conscious decision to change all of that.  I realise today the only thing I had lost was myself! I had lost my way on the path of life, decisions that steered me on to a path that was not meant for me.  This I know today, through the amazing experiences I have enjoyed throughout my own life, and in previous incarnations.  Some say time is the best healer, we learn to forget things, we manage somehow just to forget about it, this unfortunately is, in my opinion that is the biggest fallacy of all.

We never forget, we can never put it behind us, we can never hide or avoid all that we are and have been – we have no choice but to confront all of this one day, it is entirely our free will decision when and how we are willing to do this.  I have always kept an open mind, have always questioned the reality, especially of others – a calling of mine,  seek to get to the most important thing, the truth.  To challenge is to be willing to see beyond what others project or tell you is how it is, and throughout my quest in life, this is something inherent in my urge for answers.  To dispel illusions and realities that simply don’t make sense or ring true, and this intuition is inside us all, this is our soul guiding us, it is telling us something.

Yes I have been a donkey sometimes, yet haven’t we all – it is whether we choose to remain being a donkey or to open our minds to other possibilities, and it usually is the inexplicable things that wake us.   I look back at the past year, 5 years, 10 years, in fact throughout my whole life and see only the good in me – it would appear there is no pain or bad memory, it is cleansed and healed – even the worst pains of my life are simply no longer able to trigger the old patterns, as they have been properly dealt with.

I appreciate all that I am, all that I have and all that I am able to do to help others.  The memories of past lives keeps getting stronger and more clearer, it allows me to see patterns in this life that have been repeated, I can see what I have done previously (and those of past life characters) and can see that we must be prepared to turn around and confront all of ourself.  It is very easy to run and hide, it takes a brave man to turn around and confront the past – it is very easy to reach out to others for help and sympathy, but there comes a point when they also have enough of the drain of their energies.  The sooner we realise that only we can deal with who we are the better – we can read so much seeking for answers, yet the answers remain truly locked inside of our own psyche and soul.

Our mindset needs to change from one of instant gratification – whereby we feel we can dump our problems on others, or turn to alcohol or drugs for relief, or counselling/psychology or even psychics and mediums – these things will satisfy us at the moment, or for a few days as there are answers within the information you are receiving.  Then the whole cycle starts again – we read, we interact, we use social media and other forms of instant gratification to appease what is really going on inside us.  We read, but don’t truly read – remember the brain is a very clever resource that can also interpret information to satisfy the ego.  I am sure when you have read a good book and decide to revisit it a few years later, the whole context changes, the whole story changes – this is the power of the mind.  Interpretation – lost in translation!

Every day I give guidance to many, from the goodness of my heart, not for material gain – this is my service to Gaia (Earth), as I have learned so much from this beautiful life. It is important to share and teach others, with the belief that they too will follow the same philosophy, this is true light work, the ability to share what we know.  So many quickly revert back to old patterns, they want/demand instant solutions, they want someone else to take the burden and pressure of their life – but it does not work this way.  Only we can fix ourselves, through hard work, courage, dedication and pure willingness to change our life situations.

fiona and shrekThe recognition and understanding of the type of journey we are on is the beginning – once we have an answer for this, the roadmap forward is fairly clear, as there are many writings and good examples of how to get from A-B, yet I see this constant need for more information, more answers – the need to have the opinion of others to satisfy our own ego; and whilst this may piss off those that follow this kind of behaviour, I simply don’t care – as this too is a repetitive behaviour.  I have always shown people I have trained, too much information is dangerous, especially from multiple sources; the psyche is bombarded with conflicting stories, ideas and messages – how are you going to reach a proper conclusion with so much (dis)information.  Then you also have to decide what is true or false – so do you see the message here?  If the answer you already have resonates, follow the path as it is the only truth you need.

Many want to live their lives in the 5D realms, this is all very good if you want to avoid the reality in which we live – it is a fact we live in a 3D realm, this is where we shall be anchored.  It is so easy to be steered on a path that takes you to the clouds, it again is a distraction – it avoids the reality of the situation.  This applies to all of us, if we are able to detach from society because we live in the wilderness, this is great – but we never forget that we have to be that hunter gatherer – we have to survive, we have to function and live.  If we live in a major city, we are living within those confines until we get to our own place of peace.  If we don’t live and function in the 3D realms we begin to lose touch with what is going on around us, we neglect ourselves and others – and yes more issues arise, such as the repetitive patterns.

Those I offer guidance to, quickly get to the point where they get what I say – each one that follows the guidance, literally grows, learns, shares and teaches…in time of uncertainty they will reach out for more guidance, not a shoulder to cry on – they take advantage of the powerful words, and tools I give…the results are truly wonderful to see.  It is this sharing that brings a smile to my face, especially when the magic happens and it is happening to all of us, in one way shape or form.  We may not see it or hear it, but it is happening – we shall be happy when we see or hear of others connecting with the beloved, we shall be around them when they need us also – this is a big team in play.  We as illumined Blue Rays have a role to play, we are the teachers, we are the coordinator’s of truth, we are the example of what lies ahead.

One thing I have never done is talked badly about my beloved, why should I?  I may not like some of the things said or happening, but it is something I IMG_0160have to deal with internally, and by appreciating the beautiful soul connection this is all I need – for that will always remain.  When we can see through the illusions, we realise only the good, for this is all that shall remain inside us.  I myself still have bouts of tears, or processing old thoughts – this is good, as this allows me to remove them from my life – it is our soul reminding us that only the purest shall remain inside…if we are constantly bad mouthing our beloved, our situation, our circumstances or anything for that matter – what are we saying exactly? it is us that has to stand on our own two feet, to fix our 3D reality in all ways – basically get our shit together and stop feeling sorry for ourselves.  Life is an amazing adventure, live it and don’t allow the gremlins to play havoc.  I do believe in the fairytale ending, but a realistic one, Shrek and Fiona!  Anyone that would like to experience my teaching can join Vibe Nation or Book some one on one sessions with me – I am creating a new powerful program which will enable you to meet your soul and psyche, not for the feint hearted, but this journey was never going to be easy! Send me an email for more information!

You are worthy, you are love, you are light – You are, We are, I AM – Love Is.



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