What a Weekend!

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What an amazing weekend – Take a look through the looking glass!

aliceCan only be described as truly amazing – no matter what, take the good out of everything you do and see, for there is good in all.  The Universe is shaking her backside and saying to everyone who is not awake or willing to take her hints, now is time – decision time is here.  This is one wonderful thing about the Universe, she will always make her self known, her presence felt and her message very clear.  We are so often searching for answers externally, when she guides us to look internally – she knows what is best, for your highest good, and this is where she is taking you.  She is taking you home, a place full of love, peace and harmony.  She is pushing you to make decisions that are some of the hardest that you will ever make, that will go against all that you have been told is best for you – she is allowing you to become your own creator.  She is empowering you like no other can or will, she is giving you freedom from the templates and demands society places on you – and she will take you home to the place where you belong.

As I have said many times the need to focus only on your life, on yourself and make that inventory of your own life – you will see who is the most important person in all of the pictures you may paint, draw or imagine – it is YOU.  Society, Religion, peers, employers or family all know what is best for us, at least this is what you are told, but is that really the case.  Why does it hurt so much when someone tells you to do something, or expects something from you – why are you always giving away your time and energy to others?  Where is the compassion and empathy? Why are there so many new people in your life sharing their love and light with you? Why are you in such a dilemma?  The answers are all inside of you – open your heart and soul and fill it with the great love of the Universe and allow her to guide you to the wonderful place back to yourself.

Go back to the innocent child you once were, make peace, and be friends with that beautiful child inside of you – and allow yourself to merge again, and make the innocent discoveries that life presents on a daily basis – it really does not matter what others say or do, but it does matter what you say and do.  No one can live your life for you, yet there are many that will continue to lead you – there are few that will be alongside you and walk with you in togetherness.  Perhaps you still have this fear of opening up and becoming vulnerable, releasing all that you know, to receiving true unconditional love, perhaps you are afraid of losing control of yourself, or that what you feel is all an illusion.  Change that perception, all that is real is inside, it is what your heart and soul is guiding you to do, your illusion is what others portray as right or wrong – it is time to lift these veils, to cut these ties and truly become One.

alice2These are all necessary on the path back to One – societal perceptions are simply an illusion that serve no benefit to you or the ones you love, when you are living in your Alice in Wonderland world, and going through the looking glass, you will see the other side of the mirror, beyond your reflection, there you will see your path waiting to be laid before you, step inside and go beyond all that you have been told and programmed to believe – for that is an illusion.  Freedom to be yourself is a wonderful thing to experience, and yes it is scary, Alice in Wonderland is a classic example of this – it takes courage, strength and truth to move along – there are many of us here to help guide you.  Our lighthouses are lit for all to see, you are safe, you are protected, you are welcome – it is time to step into the looking glass and go home.

With much love



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