What a weekend!

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What a Weekend!

ask deano twin flame guidanceWell guys how was it for you? Were you tempted? Were you tested? What did you do for yourself?

I know for me it was a rather strange, weird weekend, that I feel started last Thursday after my random decision to visit fantasy Island!!  Since then there has been a distinct change in the air, a definite slow down, as well as clearing, cleaning and examining of all things in the here and now.  What is needed what is not, and time seems to have slowed down.  Plenty of restless nights, crazy dreams, and so many tests in all dimensions – I sense that something really important is about to happen in all of our lives.  I feel we have accomplished so much in such a short space of time, and the Universe is going to send us something we least expect, and in the most wonderful way.

I have mentioned a lot lately about dealing with psyche, and this keeps coming through in all I sense, as if this is a key to unlocking something – it is an ultimate test of our truth – our own truth.  Remembering is an important part of who we are and what makes us tick, and our behaviour comes from all our life experiences – and is usually our biggest fear, because it literally is like looking in the mirror – looking through the keyhole!  I have connected with so many new souls this past week it really is amazing, all with a sync or two between us, so there is a reason for this – something that needs to be said or heard.  This is what makes us stronger as a family – the connections we make.

I have been busy clearing my “friends” list in social media also, preparing for something I have no idea what – and I don’t want to know either. It is this careful examination of our lives that brings us closer to ourselves, our core values and beliefs.  This is 3D stuff at the end of the day, and we should never forget this is where we live a reality; we are in control of how that reality looks and is shaped.  I suppose what I am saying is we are living in a 3D world with a 5D consciousness and beyond, but it is important to be grounded so that we take care of those day to day essentials.

There has been a tremendous shift in the whole dynamic of the collective also, there seems to be a very rapid desire to learn, share and teach to one another, which to me indicates the collective is sorting its’ respective soul groups (I am not knowledgeable in this subject and am happy to accept views on this).  There are a lot remembering past life experiences of very influential past icons from our earthly history, some from recent history others from ancient history.  There is obviously a Divine purpose for this, I have some tremendous past life memories that blow my socks off, I share them with those that need to know, and this seems to have a trigger effect, and vice versa! So is the Universe preparing us all for a particular path?

Take a look at where you are being drawn, have your skills naturally evolved in an area that you never thought of, like art, drawing, teaching or writing?  I know I have spent more time writing the past six months than I have my whole lifetime!! Obviously there is a message to each of us, and when we look at this in our twin also – we can see the complimentary skills evolving.  I have some theories on this, as well as on past life memory and I will share them when the time is right and when the jigsaw is nearing completion.

The message this week from me is to enjoy some quiet time, no matter how slow time may appear to pass – this is necessary for you to adjust to the changes in DNA and for your body and soul to get used to the new templates.  Secondly, take time in nature to ground, get used to your new self, and be grateful for who you are.  You are worthy, You are Love, You are who you are and You shall be proud of all that you have achieved in your lifetime.  Give thanks for where you are, and celebrate this day by doing something just for you.  Treat yourself to something simple as a token gesture of thanks.  Thirdly, have complete belief in where you are going, in your connections, in your soul family and all who guide and protect you.  Don’t question for one minute your beliefs are wrong or impossible – nothing is impossible.

Reach out to your soul family should you feel yourself going in a downward spiral – but try your best to manage your emotions by yourself, as this is a test of your readiness for the wonders coming our way.  This is why I say to come down to 3D, as this is where you are going to interact with your twin, where you are going to make your new connection, and your decisions on the path you will take.  It is my wish for all of you to experience this in the most harmonious way as possible – in the 3D reality we live, but with a 5D+ consciousness.  This is not to burst bubbles in anyone’s life, if our twin is still in a 3D reality and we are in 5D land we are going to be talking gibberish! It is only my suggestion, again it is your choice what you do!!

Sending you all my love and light – I am pretty sure I am prepared for all that awaits, but this does not stop me from growing and learning more each day.  Have a great day wherever you are and remember we are all connected, we are all Love, we are ALL ONE.



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