What happens when you really let go?

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What happens when you really let go!


I always write from my heart, what I feel and what is happening in my life today – in the here and now!

This is probably the most difficult phase of your journey, I personally view it as the most important and life changing phase and I shall begin to support that from my own personal experience over the past few days (note few days – no more than 96 hours!).

I received a message from my twin by email – that when I first read it, I felt a knife plunge through my heart space – Interestingly I was in the middle of writing the story about who I am for my site.  My normal ego did come out and wanted to reply with harsh words, in effect my childish reaction was to throw my toys out of the pram, the defence mechanism in times of fear, stress and discomfort.  We all revert back to our childhood reactions under these circumstances, but this time my new template had managed to kick in – all of the work I have done with psychotherapy and transactional analysis has superseded the old childhood reaction, but my ego still tried to fight it’s way through.  At the time, I decided to walk away from the offending computer screen, and went outside to ground myself, to ask for the strength and wisdom to properly process the information I had seen.

This is an interesting development for me, I did not react – after a few minutes I came inside again, and reached out to friends for guidance, but all were busy or unavailable – the Universe at work again!!  I was left to process the information alone and on my own, and using all the things I have learned, quite an accomplishment for me too, as I am emotional being!!  I managed to put it out of my mind, and stop thinking about it, continued to write my article, but interestingly my thought process had changed.  After several hours I read the message again, and saw the unusual characteristics of its content, as if someone else had written it – or a tool was used to translate it – I showed this to several people, without my opinion, they also observed this fact, and made additional observations, that revealed the real message for me to understand – Despite our separation I am everywhere in her life and to let her live and find her own answers.

I am grateful for that time out, as it allowed a time for my true self to look at the appropriate action/reaction in this situation – in my case I made the decision to refrain from replying, and to not contacting her again for the foreseeable future (except by sending love and light), acknowledging that I can not force myself into her life no matter my own personal feelings and beliefs, and to full and unconditional surrender to the Universe of the outcome – I had finally let her go in more ways than ever before, as this release had come from the heart.  The focus of my heart changed from my desires with my twin, to the desires that I would like, and this was an instant change that has had a profound effect on my life since that day.

I had a few days previously been finishing this website, and one other project so it can be completed, finished and sent for activation – this I had done and we shall see the results of the other project very soon!  I also kept having thoughts of my mission, my purpose, and as I looked back at what appears to be years when in fact it is only weeks, I saw the path very clearly, the direction had been set, and the final release of myself from my twin allowed the third project to be born and begin to materialise.

Within the space of 48 hours the gifts I have received from the Universe are amazing, from insight, to contacts, to progress, to new passion and so much more – yes it has been overwhelming – I can see clearly now where I am going, I can see the light shining brightly around me, and I have a deep knowing that the new project is going to have tremendous impact on the way thousands of people live their lives, as well as be a basis, a beacon or even better, a lighthouse for others that really need help, they will find shelter, guidance and real compassionate assistance in transforming their lives.

We all have space in our hearts to help and assist others, even when we are down on our luck – this is what sets us apart from the millions of others that conform to society demands, peer pressure and so much more that is not healthy or beneficial to our own existence.  We have to be brave souls, we have to be warriors, we are fighting for our own survival, but more than that we are fighting for our own truth – when we reach that space of Oneness we have found that truth – it is an amazing place to be.  I do sense that there are many of you that will read this article, who are on the very edge of the tunnel of light, or standing on the edge of the cliff waiting to jump and sail down to the bottom – it is time to take that exit – put your complete faith in one person and one person only – Yourself!

It is your life, you are in control of it, you can invite who you want in your life, and only those that you desire for the right reasons – at the end of the day only you matter, without you there can be nothing else!

Foot note! Whilst my focus has changed to myself (and my children) the love for my twin is unconditional, I will not stop loving or sending her love and light in another dimension.


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