When the going gets tough!

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When the going gets tough!

SONY DSCFor the past few days some pressing challenges have presented themselves to me and many others that I know – a whole sequence of issues, problems and other matters have just landed on the doorstep. It has been literally a mini tsunami of things that need to be resolved in order to move on in the physical world. It is highly likely that many of you have also experienced a barrage of other signs from the universe just to add to the mix – so the going is pretty tough.

There are some things we can deal with and change or fix – there are others that we cannot as there is no immediate solution, or magic wand – we have a choice on how we respond to those that we cannot find a solution – all we can do is ask for help from our friends, family and our guides. These are tough times, yet it is important we remain cool and calm – we should not react, or allow ourselves to get irritated or stress, as neither of these solve a problem.

I have been confronted with a series of serious issues at home, none of which I have been able to fix immediately to resolve them to complete satisfaction, it is survival mode in some cases – but I look at the messages and the days leading up to this point, and can safely say this truly is the Universe working her magic – is there anything I could have done earlier to prevent these situations happening, not really, in any event it is the past which cannot be changed. It is quite ironic actually, that all my close contacts are also experiencing the same situations, and whilst we see no immediate solution, we have managed to keep our composure, calmness and complete trust in the universe.

In the past few days I have received many signs during my walks in nature; I have even had contact with my twin, more contact in 1 day than the last 6 weeks – it is a very pleasant feeling, even though the contact is by email the words still touch my heart, I still smile and laugh and try to be as light hearted as possible – I do my best to keep the emotion out of the communication, but am not afraid to leave an opportunity for her to think or answer a question – but I don’t talk about love, or reuniting or about her day to day life. It is not my business, there is nothing for me to know, and it does not serve any higher benefit to know anything except she is happy and well.

What is also interesting is the fact I took time out of the virtual world for a few days (away from the normal routine of being 10 hours in front of my laptop) I took time out for my body, myself and my soul, I became in touch with my inner self and explored the deep realms within. I purged myself, and whilst I have had a little outside world interaction through social media, I feel really proud that I can live without the internet, without being on-line, I can be by myself and be creative, I can get to the core of any internal problems that spring up – and believe me they have come up!

egoThe ego feeds on every snippet of information it gets from all sources – and the internet has to be its pot of gold!! These past few days has allowed me to identify immediate things that are a priority to day-to-day living, to address them and find solutions – can’t say I have managed to solve any of them, but I have a solution which will begin early next week that will lead to them being solved. Secondly it has allowed me to have complete faith and trust in myself, in my feelings, in my wishes and desires, as well as peeling some more layers from that onion.

I know deep inside that I can do anything I set my mind to – when I look back at my life I can see so clearly the meandering, the lessons, the things that just had to be done to get to where I am today. I have lived a really very full life, I worked with some very strange people, I have made some very crazy decisions, I have experimented with some very strange temptations, I have experienced all a person could possibly want to and more – I am proud of what I have done, there is not one thing I would change, these are the stripes on the shoulder so to speak.

What we have all done in our lives is to prepare us for today, for here and now – as this is where we are! It is important not to have any regrets, wanting to change it etc., appreciate it, this made you who you are today – and that is the biggest asset you have. You have an internal asset that is strong, determined and so badly wants to be heard – so I ask you to listen to what that soul of your is saying, believe in who you are, you have been through the deepest and darkest places recently – see and feel the warmth of your beloved, and immerse yourself in those sensations.

Take time out for yourself – take a leave of absence from your normal daily routine – if you recall I did challenge you a few weeks ago, I actually wonder how many of you did! The point of this is you are taking control of your own situation, your own self and more importantly you are able to allow you and your soul to chill and relax. There have been a whole host of energies, changes, purges, downloads and tears – it is time to take a chill pill. It is time to stop and relax, spoil yourself for a few days, it will do you the world of good – disconnect the social media, internet, emails, mobile, go to nature or a place you feel comfortable and get acquainted with who you are J

2015-06-17 20.08.19With the Solstice a few days away, these are times when many great things are happening, the universe is working her magic in more ways than we know – it is so wonderful to see them each day, and to appreciate them. Now is the time to be stronger than ever, keep your ego in check and be prepared to send it back to 3D land whilst you are in 5D – now is the time for more patience, understanding and appreciation of who you are – love yourself and enjoy yourself J

I am also pleased to announce that I will be working with Carrie Turcotte on a new program we have created to help balance the energies after Solstice, we shall both be posting further information on Monday – it truly is time to bring out that awesomeness inside of you.

Have a great weekend – enjoy and celebrate the Solstice!


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