When you ask for signs!

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Asking for help and guidance!

We shall always remember there is help available to us when we simply ask from the heart.  When we are bombarded with a situation that does not quite make sense to us, we have the opportunity to ask for help from our guides and angels.  Sometimes even the best of us are just wanting the whole process to be decided and presented to us on a silver platter!  At these times we shall seek a Divine answer for clarity, just to let us know that we are on the right path, or our beliefs are truly what we feel.

Yesterday was an amazing day, I have spent an incredible amount of time in 3D reality – working on various projects, requires careful thought!  This has lead to the completion of part one of the mission, and launch of The International School of Thought with Carrie Turcotte.  I heard from lots of twins, and even more syncs, past life memories and more excitingly how the jigsaw puzzle is all beginning to take shape.  The pieces are slowly but surely being put in place, and the wonderful picture is becoming more clearer of our soul family, it is wonderful!

Last night I took some time to reflect on the events of the past week or so; the signs and symbols that really begin to inundate me sometimes, and I do think this cant be happening, it is too crazy – once I balance this thought process by sending the monkeys to play with their toys, I will always ask for guidance from my Angels and Guides.  I did this last night, and low and behold this morning I see my website is being visited by record numbers, from an article that was published a few weeks ago.  When I clicked on the referral links, I nearly fell off my chair – due to the name of the editor of the original article, but still there was a lot of traffic, and a friend of mine told me that it was also published on the face book feed at the same time.  This coincides with the time I asked for concrete signs, what little did I know!

Due to the very hot temperatures here, I have not been for my normal walks, yet this morning I decided it was time to go!  There is a nice breeze today even though it is 35 degrees and more – so I am walking towards the river Danube, and I am greeted by a massive flock of seagulls, floating.  Last week I saw a small group of 6 or 7 above my home, today there were hundreds of them, from the place I start my walk, all the way to the place I end my walk.  To see this number of sea gulls one would think we were at the sea, and that is what is so incredible about it – we are 300km from the nearest sea.  In addition to seagulls there were also Cormorants too, sitting with them – I really did think I was at the seaside!

2015-07-20 11.11.40I took a picture at the beginning of my walk – and when I returned home I saw the time it was taken – 11.11

On that note I will end this post – as there is nothing more to add other than, the universe will show you signs when you ask from the heart!

Have a great day my friends.

Love and Light


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