When Your Child Asks a Question!

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When a 12 year old asks a question!

amy today
~I found my self dreaming~

Today I was busy preparing for a meeting tomorrow, where I shall be discussing how I am going to teach young children conversational English, like many of my life experiences, I love the element of the unknown, so I am always prepared as best I can be, but today I was pleasantly suprised by my own 12 year old daughter Amy, and what her views are on the state of the world today. In fact I am not really suprised s I realise who her father is, and what she has endured and learned since she was born!!  The daughter of a philosopher perhaps in a previous lifeline!

So the subject matter went along the lines of what had learned since she spent 3 days away from school, to reflect on an incident of which she was part of.  She told me that she had learned to walk away from any sign of trouble, to understand that she does not need to react to any situation that she feels intimidated or threatened (bullying), she has the right to speak her truth, but also to respect the rules that are in place by her school!

Then she began to talk about Africa, and the state of the politicians and the leaders of these beautiful countries, why aren’t they doing anything to preserve life and valuable assets for the benefit of the citizens of these countries, why are innocent children walking miles for dirty water, only to repeat it again twice in a day.  Why don’t the leaders use the revenues from the assets to share with the people, and why are only certain countries in Africa made so beautiful (with modernisation) when the whole continent is beautiful.  Why don’t the leaders of the world do something about this…why why why!

She went on to tell me what she does herself (and this doesn’t suprise me at all!) she walks around the house, and takes the things she doesn’t need or want any more and gives them to charities to help others, so that the surplus she does not need is used for a better purpose. Old clothes, toys, games, phones, etc all these modern day gadgets she feels she does not need.  Instead she now feels she only needs pens and paper and books!!

My response was one of pride, joy and wonder, how many other children see and feel this, and quickly reached the conclusion that probably most of the children who are in “normal society” would feel this way – so this got me thinking, because she asked what can we do to change it!  I responded by saying that firstly, she should research Diana Princess of Wales, who was an ambassador for improving the lives of millions in Africa, contrary to the wishes and desires of her peers; secondly I suggested she promote this philosophy amongst her friends, and then in turn with their teachers at school, in some way to promote further awareness and a program to help children in Africa.

Now I shall ask my readers – what are we going to do about this situation in the world? What are we going to do to make a positive change to the way others live their lives, not only in Africa but in other places around the world, and even in our own cities and suburbs.  Individuals do make a difference on a one-to-one basis – but as a collective we can have a far bigger and more positive impact.  So I am sending this message out to the world leaders, the leaders of local governments, regional governments, all NGO’s and official organisations – where we as members of the public contribute billions of dollars of our hard earned cash for them to make a difference in the world.  This is not a fund raising exercise for the larger international charities that really are major corporations with selective agendas, this is about making a statement to change the face of humanity on the ground, through thier own action and away from the media and public eye – something from the heart.

I would also further suggest that if each politician in the world would donate 1 month salary to a really private organisation that teaches and provides resources and action in the field – there would be in excess of 10 billion USD raised in 1 month.  My thought is not to provoke or heckle the likes of Mr Gates et al who have their own foundations for the “good of humanity” – unfortunately these types of foundations lose their independence, and are often used as PR machines to promote their own interests around the world, another way of glorifying or justifying the programming they have ensured is embedded in our brains, and that of the future generations.

There is a way the world can be changed and our children really do have the answers, and they really are seeing the global picture, and they do want to change it – it is our obligation as custodians of Gaia, to empower our children to expand their minds and to have their own voices, before the politicians and school systems program them into creatures of habit and opinion.  Let them be free – let them have their say, it will be amazing the outcome.  Our role as parents is to encourage them to continue with this thought process, to share it with their friends and teachers, as this will change the in the box mentality currently being fed to them.

Let’s stop trying to box in the wonders our children have to offer – let’s allow them to shine so brightly, their own peers will have to open their eyes and ears to hear them all.  We shall empower our children, and walk alongside them with dignity and pride, not forgetting all that we know and have begun on this ascension path.

This message is dedicated to my beautiful brave daughter Amy – who really has been with me along this journey back to One, she has grown and matured so wonderfully, and through her, others will follow. Bravo Amy, keep shining your bright light!


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