Where Are You? Let’s Go!

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Keep Revealing The Truth!

Truth, here we go…more veils being lifted….and I am sure, yet again, nothing will be done about it…reading the text of these notes from Government officials is intriguing, how there is clear fear about one company not wanting to buy a nations fish, so just goes to show the power of corporations over politicians and governments.

The backhanders, funny handshakes, deals, votes etc it is all dirty – corporations want to make money (greed) from consumers (you and I), they are happy to support a political party (donation) in exchange for better conditions or assurances (dirty deals).  I can assure you if you look at most scientific research in the pharmaceutical sector you will find it is funded by the global giants like GSK and Pfizer, the deals that are done for funding are…you research everything, provided us the data, we will tell you what to release to the media once we have set the pricing for the drug they are going to sell…

Having lived and worked in Israel, there are government regulated businesses that grow some of the best marijuana on the planet (I wonder why) for use in medical research…big companies negotiate with governments to get lower taxes if they locate part of their business in underdeveloped areas…this is so clear to see in Europe and US – bring your company here and we will give you great labour force, lower taxes, subsidised land blah – the land is cheap, the people will work for a lower rate as they been unemployed for years and it all costs less, whilst the corporation makes bigger profits due to the lower costs.  Wake up and see the woods through the trees…this is real stuff.

Technologies Hidden!

I have lived this experience, I have had such negotiations, I have seen large corporations destroy my own technology in fear…I have walked the pathwe have the whole world in our hands with inventors with technology that can change the world including a direct descendant of Nikolas Tesla who has patented technology to generate power from a running river without destroying the environment or ecology…

I owned a company that had a technology that could eradicate the mosquito lava found in lakes and marshlands…proven, tested and would in fact oxygenate dead waterways so new life can grow…Another technology that reduces CO2 by some 98% from car exhaust gases along with other pollutants like Sulphur, commercial technology that reduced pollutants and toxic particles by 90%, and we have governments saying they are helping to reduce greenhouse gases, but do nothing to fund small business who have technology that works….this is my truth.

To be honest I have no longer any reason to hide it…I have no fear when it comes to this stuff for I and some of those I love and know have gone through this with me.  We being pulled to reveal our true authenticity, no stones left unturned, get all the skeletons out of the cupboard.

I have led a very diverse life and I have experienced what I have for a reason.  Today this is becoming perfectly clear…I am who I am…I have nothing to hide…I have been accused of doing many wrong things in my life, some are true others are not.  I have paid the price (in terms of justice) by serving time at her majesties pleasure, I have challenged the integrity of the systems by pursuing them myself at the highest courts in two countries.

I have had my companies and technologies stopped by government agencies and large corporations because, as I can see it now, they never served the profiteers.  Yesterday I saw an article issued by WHO about Zika virus reaching Europe, so that was inevitable wasn’t it, another lip servicing organisation funded by who I wonder.  And then I remembered my technology that would deal with this issue immediately and on a global basis.  It would stop the spread of disease by eradicating mosquito lava, hence breaking a cycle.

I see an article about New Zealand fisheries being abused, I am a ships master, I am certified by New Zealand Maritime Safety Authority, and yes I know this is happening – these are all truths, yet everyday man continues to buy these products or services.

We are feeding the very people that are creating the issues, and then we feed the idiots that approve it all.  So here is a rambling that may make sense or not.

Ready To Work?

will you help change gaiaI am so so ready to do the work I came here to do, I have worked my balls to the floor since I was a kid, I was delivering milk at the age of 8…I have constantly strived to be the best father, husband, partner, colleague and entrepreneur…I am still here, I have a whole world of knowledge, wisdom and experience to share with whoever would like it…there is nothing lost in the things I have experienced, I have the drawings, images and ideas at my disposal, the system may be able to break a man, but they can never steal his passion or love for his or her mission.

I am truly grateful for having lived my life without interpretation, following my heart and soul…spent a lot of time listening to others who said it can’t be done, or you are a fool or a crook or a crazy man.  I have travelled the world not recklessly but intuitively, my soul has always guided me – I have learned some very good lessons, I have brought some pain into the lives of those close to me, and they stood by me through it all.  I have done some irrational things to survive, and yes paid the price, I am my own best friend and worst enemy, which is how it should be, being the master of both is something I have learned through life lessons not some text book.

I have been part of so many wonderful things and creations, I have beautiful children who will always seek their own dreams and desires, no matter what society says is right or wrong…I have conquered all that has ever been thrown at me whether that be self-inflicted or otherwise.  I have always sensed extraordinary things, believed in a higher power, and know that I can make a difference, but always managed to end up surrounded by others who influenced the outcome.

What I have learned from the awakening process is the miracle.  Two years of living away from mainstream society, has allowed me to scrutinise who I am.  To process all that is perceived to be ego or dark energy, to heal it, to release it and move away from it.  To allow the true authentic self to really come to the surface, to show himself, the true light that I am…and the realisation that I have the ability, experience, knowledge and wisdom to help change the world.

Can You Help Me and Us?

help us to change this planet

Every stage of my life journey has presented something or someone who has been a catalyst to revealing my true skills and talents.  I can see that I have been trying to change the world many times in this life with my big dreams and real technology…I have succeeded in my life lessons, is there anyone who can help me to put it all together?  Is there anyone who is not going to judge for the life I have lived? Is there anyone who has the balls to share this vision with me?

When the whole picture of the past is revealed to each of us, when we actually are brave enough to overcome all fears to reveal the beautiful being inside…this is when life delivers its own truth to us.  We can see that there is a higher purpose for our existence, we simply have to get to the point where we can see it with our own eyes.  I have no explanation for what happens or why, I have no answer to what led me to write this, and neither do I want to know.  The truth is what makes us whole, the opening of our heart to all that is, and just Being.  Self-acceptance and appreciation of this wonderful place in which we live, and for the short time we have to be here.

Embrace it, Enjoy it, Feel it, Love it and Live it – it is the only real deal you have


Come join us, we are in this together.  Let’s go and do what we are here to do, because no-one who is in a position of authority is going to!

In Gratitude.

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