Where on earth am I (are we) going!!??

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Where on earth are we going?

It takes courage to do thisWhat an amazing 48 hours it has been – and to be honest I feel so very strange, as if I am on another planet, or in another dimension, and after hearing from other twins, I know that I am not alone with these sensations.  I have a feeling of anticipation not expectation, that something incredible is happening, a transformation of the heart and mind, as if the two are merging, I am not sure if the word spiritual union of the mind and soul is the correct terminology, but it sounds about right!!   I have no idea where I am going, really it is as if I am going down the white water rapids as in this picture – where the expressions on our faces show everything we are feeling inside, happy, laughing as well as a sense of security as we are wearing our life jackets and surrounded by friends that can help us should we fall out, or the raft tips over.

The feeling of being pulled towards my twin is incredible, the desire and love I feel inside is a renewed type of energy, as if it is ready to explode the second I see or hear her, but at the same time a sense of calm and tranquillity that it is as it should be.  I have travelled extensively around the world, and embarked on many an adventure into places unknown, not knowing what will happen during or after – these feelings I had mainly when I was younger, and I have the same feelings again but in an adult mind and body.  I have been preparing for this journey throughout my life, and no matter what I have done or where I have been this spirit of adventure has never been greater than that I feel today.

I feel stoned, high, flying high without a care in the world, even though there are many issues that need to be resolved in my life, especially with finances and living daily – for me previously I would be stressed to the max, living with me would not be comfortable, I would be angry and screaming at people to pay their debts to me – but these days it is the last thing on my agenda, it is a complete surrender to the universe and what ever happens will happen.  I have controlled many a situation in my life, or tried to (as is so often the case) and here I am today talking like this.

It is important to reach out when you need the guidance, it is important to talk to fellow twins about what you are feeling, so many are afraid to reveal their hidden feelings inside for fear of embarrassment or humiliation, this journey is about truth, and truth of oneself; say what you need to say to whoever you are drawn to say it – I have learned to do this over the past few months to some friends I know, and am actually suprised by their compassion and understanding.   Some are even on a spiritual journey themselves so have similar experiences to us, this is when your support network grows, when it grows the vibrations are lifted, as the connection becomes more stronger – and as we grow together we attract others who are finding it hard to understand what is happening – multiplicity and transfer of wisdom is essential on this journey, we are all connected in some way, remember that my brothers and sisters.

This picture reminds me of a previous life line with my twin

Should you still insist on visiting your twins profile on the wonderful internet and see their status as in a relationship, or married or whatever, what does it matter – if you react with jealousy, hatred, or bitter thoughts then you still have work to do – your love is one thing that no one can take away from you, it is yours and yours alone – it is entirely up to you who you share it with – your twin love is unconditional, and that is what they feel and will experience on any and all dimensions.  If you feel it in meditations, and when you connect in the higher dimensions then this how it shall be here in 3D land.  Our twins are us – we experience wonderful things with them in many ways, through dreams, visions, mails, memories, these fill our hearts with joy, so we are mature enough to transfer the same feeling into our minds and thoughts.  Stop thinking about what you have done – this will never be changed, but feel free to think about what you can have, it is not fantasy – anything is possible and nothing is impossible.

Honestly I feel very strange, and yes I ask a lot of questions of myself and twin friends, and as I begin to understand, more wonderful things happen, I have opened myself up to a completely new way of life, I know I have my armoury on and my weapons ready to defend – I am still that mighty warrior who has battled through to get this wonderful place I am in now, no more battles, no more fears, peace and harmony – feels like a vast mountain range surrounded by plateaus – virgin territory where I shall discover new things and realities. What I shall always have is that unconditional love for my twin inside of me, I shall protect and promote it as it is who I am, it is not for sale or can never be traded or exchanges –  I truly look forward to the day when I will reunite with my twin, it is meant to be no matter when, it will be so.

If you find yourself questioning or meandering back to the whys and wherefores take a step back and meditate – it really is your life, own it and live it.



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