Where were you?

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Where were you?

Me as a boy!

When you brought me in to this wonderful world of ours

What were you thinking, or was I just a pack of toy cars

I looked up to you to help me grow up

Not to be treated like a rag doll or a pup


I was a child full of innocence and desire

Ready to learn what was right not to be set on fire

Like an open stove you watched and let me burn

There was no one else to help me learn


As I grew older the pain got worse

So I ran away as fast as a horse

I found my solace and comfort but not from you

Because you always turned me black and blue


You destroyed my childhood dreams and hopes

When I needed you, I was tied up with ropes

The twisting and turning was never fair

I wonder really if you ever did care


You made me learn that I need to be by myself

Instead of showing me how not to be a poison elf

As I grew up you left me to fight and defend

All the values that were wrong I had to mend


Where were you to protect and give me love

I can only wonder to the universe above

Where were you in times of my need

Instead you ignored it and made me bleed


You were the ones who should have known better

But you turned your back and bought a Red Setter

I remember Rufus running free and far

In the fields of green and not in a car


I loved and respected you for being my folks

But today I know it was all broken eggs and yolks

Even the King’ horses and His men could not fix

Because you used your anger and wooden sticks


These things you did are still in my head

As well as the knowledge of how much I bled

You should have known better and learned to say NO

Instead you allowed me to feel it all and grow


With an illusion of life that was twisted and torn

This you should have changed when I was born

I have made and lived my own life to this day

These few words are not written to make you pay


The price you carry is left firmly in your own brain

I am the hero for escaping from all that pain

It has been with me always and now I know

The only way forward is to forgive and grow


You cannot take anything more from me

Through courage and pain I set myself free

I forgive you my parents, yes you, Mum and Dad

I don’t have remorse or wish you anything bad


You should know now that I am me

At peace, as myself, and finally

I will always wonder where you are

For me it is right that you be so far


For all your actions and wicked words of pain

I have taught myself not to seek or to blame

I will never be what you are, I learned to say no

From today I have no fears and will only grow


Take care my parents, I will leave you now,

Not to look back and worry, instead I show

That all I have is who I am, and will always be!

Free from that pain and memory for eternity.

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