Your Very Own White Stallion Awaits!

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Imagine this…standing right in front of you is a beautiful white stallion, bright and full of life. He is yours to take wherever you wish; he will lead you wherever your heart desires. Alongside the stallion is an old wooden horse station, with an assortment of things for you to select for your journey. You ask yourself…What shall I choose to take with me? What is necessary for such an intrepid journey? Where shall I go and when can we begin?

You are presented with many choices, ones that will affect the way your journey unfolds, as well as your own personal comfort.

Will you choose to ride bare back and truly bond with the stallion? Or will you choose to add all the modern day accessories and comforts?

As your stallion begins to show his frustration by stomping his hooves, a decision is necessary!!

Stop procrastinating…jump on his back and grab his main and trust that he will carry you into the unknown. Trust in his wisdom and knowledge so that he may guide you on your journey. Allow the adrenalin, happiness, and joy to flow through your veins, whilst you encounter the journey of your life.

It may not be the most comfortable journey you take, but it will be one that will remain with you for eternity. The connection you share with the stallion is as important as the one you have with yourself; allow the love and trust from within, to trust and love another to guide you over the horizon, to your destiny.

Take a leap of faith into yourself – and jump on the stallion; you may not know where or how the journey will end, but it will allow you to become One with yourself and all that the adventure brings your way.

What are you waiting for? Are you afraid? Shall we do this?

Its’ time to come alongside so we can slip away over the horizon together!

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