Who is Deano?

Pleased to connect with you…

My name is Deane,  I am a native Englishman now living in Croatia with my two daughters.  I have lived a very full and interesting life, spent a lot of time pleasing others, working hard and learning from every life experience I have encountered.  Never understood the word “No”, or “impossible”, my immediate answer to these type of statement is “Why not?”  I have lived in many countries around the world UK, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Spain and Russia – as well as traveled extensively in Asia and Middle East – not for work but searching for answers (did not realise this at the time).

I have been in many good and bad situations all my life, whether by choice or fate, depends on your perspective, I view them as learning.  I have no formal qualifications from my school, I left home at 17, after years of physical and psychological abuse from my parents; I was always different, always wanting to do things my way, always learning new things.

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I am fortunate my Grandparents allowed me to spend a great deal of time with them to escape the hell I am sure I experienced when growing up.  I learned to escape and what was not right; but I also was shown how not to be a parent, I had a very twisted picture of what love is or should be, this picture was imprinted in my brain as a template, and it is one that I did not manage to change until very recently.  I will not go into the glorious details of the life journey, as I am in the process of writing  a book, with the knowledge that it will help others who have experienced abusive upbringings.

My life has brought to me 6 wonderful children….3 of my own and 3 others who I will call soul-children – where I have assumed the role as their father. I am so proud that I never resorted to the things I was subjected to;  the first soul challenge – break family Karmic Cycles.  I have had the pleasure of being married to a soul mate, who is the mother of my 3 children – she helped and supported me for a long time, but in the end circumstances in our life meant that I had to save myself from a vicious cycle. I made that decision and this led to my children joining me, where we lived together, I was father and mother for a while, and that was a tough role for me!!  There are many more interesting souls that I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with, each has served as a trigger on my twin soul journey.

All the elements of our lives need to be cleansed, healed and new templates created, in the end we achieve a far different perspective on life, and what truly is important.  As we clear what ever baggage we have, we are able to understand the true purpose of our life.

One thing I know for sure, the love in side of me is genuine and real, it is an inexplicable sensation that sometimes I wish I could forget, but it has this wonderful voice of it’s own and keeps reminding me the true twin soul connection we share.  I don’t know how this journey will end except I do believe that one day we shall reunite, whether in this or another lifeline only our souls truly know, I will continue with my mission in life to help others grow and learn what they can from the beauty they possess inside.

I have recently published a book, “Love Outside The Box – A Guide To Self Love.”  You will find further information and the chance to buy a copy in eBook or paperback versions.  I have also started a second book, which will be published in June 2017.

I continue to offer support to those that are seeking some answers and clarity. To book a free one on one Skype session please follow this link, and I will be happy to be your guide.