With each sunrise a new day begins

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2015-04-26 06.01.18

With each sunrise a new day begins

A new dawn awakes all the bird’s wings

The sound of the morning cockerel’s and crows

Followed by the ducks as the river flows


It is time to rise and begin this new day

I wonder whether everything will be Okay

For sure my eyes can see clearly now

All the things I should do and how


I am full of the wonderful things from life

Today I shall be the one to overcome all the strife

I am myself, and I am who I am meant to be

It could be my last day here for all eternity


Please do not walk in front or behind me

Come by my side and let us see what can be

Our life today is for living and loving

Who I am is all I am honestly giving


It may not be perfect every day

But deep inside us we can find a way

To make a life full of peace and joy

For us and our family to fulfill and enjoy


Until tomorrow this new day shall endure

Our love for each other is something so pure

My visions are clear and my actions proud

I no longer hide under the big black shroud


My journey today is all I need to know

With all that I am I will always grow

With crystal clear thoughts and a passion strong

My wonderful life will be pure and long


No matter with whom or where I shall be

I pray each day to be happy and free

To learn and love what life presents

And not to harbor pain and resent


Today, or tomorrow I know who and what I am

I am me, and always will be ….my own man.

Deane Thomas – 9th January 2015.

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