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Feeling Philosophical – The Journey Home!

11666318_983677185025888_8904534394714755630_nWhen we travel life’s journey there are many we will meet and greet, there are many we will agree and disagree with, there are those we will “love and cherish”, there are those that we know are so much more than passing ships in the night, there are those that will always be alongside us to guide and protect us, and then there really are those we shall never stop thinking about who remain in our heart and soul – these are the ones we shall never let go of; They truly are meant to be in our lives. Our souls are our guides and homing beacons – these are the only things that drive us insane, yet keep us on the right track in life – we know all when we have an open and clear mind; remove the noise and distractions from your life, allow your soul to wake and guide you on the path back home!

Love and Light to you all, have a beautiful day!