Words of Wisdom for Twin Souls

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Words of Wisdom for Twin Souls during confusing times!

11209694_967826706575201_7475534352396316171_nWell where shall I begin – the past few days we have seen many changes in dynamics of ourselves, we have had the love, the doubt, the worry, the unknown, the feeling of being in a dessert or on another planet, wondering aimlessly like a headless chicken – this resonates with a dream I had last night – where I was getting lost driving around a city – but I found where I was going and took that road home, the right road.

Many of you are making life changing decisions that are out of character, or you have been thinking of them and are resisting them due to your own personal situation – remember we have these feelings and thoughts for a reason, the Universe is telling us it is time to change, it is time to get on the right path, to find our true destiny and mission or purpose.  We have been so conditioned by society, and I can look at my own small family to see that – the way that technology influences our day to day lives, the need for information and answers and OMG the need to know what tomorrow will bring.

Now let’s see this for a second – or a minute – or an hour – or a day!  When was the internet created?….do you remember the days before that? I do! When was the mobile phone created? do you remember the days before that? I do! I remember that Royal Mail was the only way to communicate, and if we wanted to get a message through quicker we paid for a telegram, in business a telex.  Most of these services are discontinued or under utilised these days – but messenger and courier services are booming.  So let’s take a closer look at this messenger service, I have something I want to get to you pretty damn quick, so I will call someone like DHL or Fedex and have them come to my place, pick it up and whisk it away into a massive infrastructure and network, attached to your package is a unique bar-code – that is how you can track it – and then a few hours later (or days) your package is delivered to you with a smile by the delivery agent.

So now you have that image in your mind, lets apply this to history – a messenger is always greeted with courtesy, a smile, a please and a thank you – they are performing an important service, and in ancient times they were usually on errands for monarchy and afforded safe passage wherever they went, they had a sort of diplomatic status – much like the diplomatic bags moving around the world today between Embassies and Governments – do you now see the level of importance placed on messengers – they are an essential part of our every day lives.

What I see and hear each day is the inability to comprehend the value of a messenger – the value of the information they/we carry – the importance of the information they/we carry – the meaning of the information they/we carry…yet when you yourself call or receive packages from DHL or Fedex you greet them with courtesy, smile, please and thanks.  When you communicate with your “loved ones, children, friends and family” do you do the same? are you affected by the way they act, or their mood – are you being a messenger or are you being something else – are you communicating your message with care and love or with anger, animosity, lies, deception, maliciousness or harmful intent?  The idea with communication is to be truthful, to be courteous, to have fun to interact in a loving way, and all of the wonderful things.

donkeyIf you feel like you are in a bad mood, there is no real point in communicating with anyone, until that mood is gone – remember you created that mood, not your twin, boyfriend, mother or sister or friend YOU.  Once you change the way you are feeling then you can communicate in a proper way – so I suggest that when you feel these negative thoughts and feelings remember you are a messenger, remember your role in this position – take a deep breath, clear your thoughts and bring the love back into your processes – you all know what happens when you don’t.  What is the point of an argument? What is the point of aggression? What is the point of bitterness and revenge?  Do any of these things serve your higher interests – NO, but they will satisfy your ego, and add fuel for more, and the spiral begins – and if you cannot admit or see this, then unfortunately – I will tell you now, you are a long way from reaching YOU.  At the end of the day it does not matter who is right or wrong, what matters is who you are and how you respond in any situation. In modern day psychology this is called cognitive thinking, or transactional analysis – read a book called “I’m OK or You’re OK” – a best seller, apply it to your life as you grow spiritually, and watch the amazing changes.

I strongly believe there is a synergy between psychology and spirituality, there is a duality, they co-exist – but independently they are not as strong – one does not heal the other, they are essential together – much like the Twin Souls journey, as individuals we can heal and grow – when we reunite our combined resources are far more effective than as individuals – so I do urge you all to heed these words of wisdom.  I have embraced the psychological needs of my here and now life, I have cleansed the psyche and have a whole new matrix of information, and am having great fun applying this on a daily basis – I have also embraced the spiritual essence – and can see so much more clearly now, I can see the changes in nature on a day by day basis in front of my eyes – because I now know who I am, and it feels so damn good.  I am in a much better situation personally than I have ever been in my life – and this is transferred to those around us.  We have to make clear decisions about what is important to our everyday life, I know that I can count on a maximum of 10 people in my life, and they can count on me – I don’t need more than that.  We soon understand the value of the people in our lives when we meet a cross roads, when you write that list of true friends it’s not long – try it one day, you will be very suprised.

Love and Light



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