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Creating the right balance in one’s life is often hampered by so many other aspects playing out at the same time.  Many are experiencing life changing situations that are sometimes inexplicable, but necessary!

For millennia we have been told how things should be, what we shall do, and with whom, as well as tremendous peer pressure from other external sources too.  Yet our true soul purpose is more often than not smothered or suppressed by our own ego-mind.

Reaching the point of understanding who we are is a crucial step in truly defining our lives. Throughout our lives, we have built our own framework of illusion, in effect a false reality that feels safe and sound.  Our soul continues to bring awareness of unfinished issues or a certain direction to follow, yet the mind (ego-mind) is determined to go in another direction.

Client Testimonials

Deane came into my life in April of 2015 when I was in a very tumultuous part of this twin journey. He help to ground me, and offered support that was of the utmost help to me in my spiritual growth. Always there to lend a helping hand with words of wisdom and loving words of encouragement. I am grateful to have found Deane when I did, and I am grateful that he is still in my life today.
Terri - Canada

It is this that truly needs to be addressed, in order for the new self to emerge. The balance of mind, body, and soul, as well as the merging of the feminine and masculine energies within.  Through one-on-one discussions, we are able to highlight and identify areas that should be explored, to enable you to embrace your true self.

As part of this special offer, you will receive two one-on-one sessions via Skype.  The first will be 90 minutes followed by a second 30-minute session a week later.  There will be some homework to do after the first session, as it is important for your own well being to continue the work after our chats.  For those that wish to continue with a more in-depth and structured program, there is an additional offer for you too.

love outside the box 3D promoFree Copy of my Book!!

I will offer you simple guidance and practical support, that will empower you to understand a little more about yourself and set you in the right direction. As part of the sessions, you will receive some invaluable tools, as well as a copy of my book “Love Outside The Box – A Guide To Self Love”, that will help you on your journey back to self.

Offer One $97 – Initial discovery package

A 90-minute one-on-one session with Deane, followed by an additional 30-minute follow up. A copy of my eBook and other tools to assist.

Offer Two $327 – Advanced discovery package

Four 90-minute one-on-one sessions with Deane, which will focus more in-depth on current life circumstances, current life review and repetitive patterns.  Understanding energies, signs and synchronicities and how to begin to master the ego.  You will also receive an eBook and a paperback version of my book (by mail).


El camino hacia la Unidad es uno muy dificil y se facilita si encuentras un guia bueno para acompañarte. Deane Thomas es el compañero perfecto, un gran filosofo y apoyado por su propia experiencia , un consejero increible. No solo me ayudo a que mi camino fuera mas facil sin menos doloroso, el me ayudo a encontrar mi propia verdad y vivir en paz y jubilo. No dudaria en recomendarlo como consejer…
Maria (es) - Honduras